Canopy Children’s Solutions experienced a tremendous year of growth in 2019. We grew in the number of children we served, we grew in how we served our families statewide and we grew in the technology that allowed us to expand our reach to children and families in their homes and communities. The growth we experienced allowed Canopy to pivot and thrive in the midst of challenging and uncertain times of these past months.   

John D. Damon, Ph.D., Canopy Children’s Solutions Chief Executive Officer— 

“Thanks to the individual and collective work of our amazing team and our transformational partners, 2019 stands as a high watermark in our 108-year history. We have seen the needle move for the children of Mississippi in nearly every metric that matters. While the outcomes are important for us to measure, we are ever mindful that each number represents an individual, a family and a life that has been changed. In short, transforming the lives of our children and families is why we do what we do. This is why we begin each meeting across the organization with a Mission Moment to remind us how we are achieving our mission every day. The quantitative and qualitative outputs that follow provide examples of how Canopy is helping children thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges.” 

Canopy is excited to release our 2019 Annual Report and Outcomes highlighting our growth, successes and those who came alongside us to further our mission to transform lives. Thank you for being a part of Canopy’s rich history that spans over 100 years, consistently serving the most vulnerable in Mississippi.