Secret Santas Create Christmas Miracles

A special group of “Secret Santas” banded together this Christmas to meet some of the greatest needs of Canopy families across the organization. Our staff of heroes communicated the greatest needs for the children and families we serve hoping to deliver a Christmas miracle.   

Beds provide peaceful sleep for a family 

Margaret is a single mother to seven children. While they don’t have much, Margaret has taught her children to be respectful and to show gratitude for the things they do have. The family resides in a quaint three-bedroom home and has been blessed by donations through their affiliation with Canopy. However, one lingering need was beds for her daughters, who at ages 5, 10 and 15 all shared one full-size bed.  

The Secret Santas gifted the family with a set of bunk beds and a new twin bed for the girls. They also provided them with accompanying sheets, bedding, pillows and more. This Christmas eve, each of these children will enjoy being nestled all snug in their very own beds. 

Driving a fresh start 

Renee left an abusive relationship while pregnant and parenting her 9-year-old. Hours away from her support system, she was placed in a Safe House and finally a housing assistance program to help her get back on her feet. After her daughter was born, Renee suffered severe complications that nearly killed her. Her newborn also contracted COVID shortly after discharge from the hospital. With nowhere else to turn, Canopy’s in-CIRCLE program became Renee’s source of support. 

With limited income and no access to reliable transportation, Renee struggled to find employment as well as care for her family’s needsCanopy’s in-CIRCLE team searched high and low for available resources to find Renee a car. Just then, a Secret Santa from within the Canopy family stepped in to provide Renee with a reliable car and a fresh start. 

Keeping it cool for the holidays 

The Hammond family moved into a new home and had very limited income to purchase necessities due to medical bills and illness. The family was having a difficult time due to the mother Geanna being in and out of the hospital. Prior to their move, the family’s refrigerator stopped working and their new home was not furnished with one upon arrival. Geanna tried desperately to locate a refrigerator which was a challenge with limited funds and inventory shortages due to the pandemic. The lack of refrigeration made it difficult to keep healthy foods in the home. 

The Secret Santas provided the family with a refrigerator, which allowed the Hammonds to focus more on getting Geanna healthy and providing for the family. 

A home-cooked dinner brings comfort to a family 

A single mom of two, Alecia was doing the best she could for her girls. While she struggled to be self-sufficient, with the help of Canopy’s in-CIRCLE program, Alecia was able to obtain reliable transportation and stable housing for her young family. However, the home she was renting was without a working stove. The landlord defaulted on his promise to provide working appliances leaving Alecia to cook for her family using only a hotplate, which greatly limited the nutritious meals she could provide her family. 

The Secret Santas sprang into action gifting Alecia with a brand-new stove. She is looking forward to preparing a Christmas meal for her girls and celebrating the blessings of the holidays from their secret Santa and in-CIRCLE team. 

A couch big enough to hold all the love 

Mr. and Mrs. Blakley gained sole guardianship of their two grandchildren while living on a very limited income. Because the couple struggled to meet the needs of their grandchildren, the children were temporarily removed from their care. The Blakleys were referred to Canopy’s in-CIRCLE program to help the family create stability in the home as the children returned.  

During one of the family assessments, the staff asked the Blakleys what was something they struggled to provide from which the family could greatly benefit. Their response: a replacement for their dilapidated couch so the family could all sit together. Canopy’s Secret Santas were able to make their wish come true. The family is overwhelmed by the generosity and see in their beautiful new couch hope for new beginnings. 

Our deepest thanks 

THANK YOU to our Secret Santas for blessing our families and stepping in to meet their greatest needs. These tangible items represent more than just a met need, but is also a reminder of the love and goodness that exists in the world and the vision of hope sparked by a random act of kindness. 

Wishing your holidays to be merry and bright!