Canopy Children’s Solutions and Trustmark Partner to Strengthen Communities Through the Children’s Promise Act

Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy) is pleased to announce the designation of the Canopy Center of Excellence main entrance as the “Trustmark Transformational Lobby”, marking the ongoing partnership with Trustmark as part of the Children’s Promise Act.

Canopy has a 109-year history of creating solutions for the most vexing challenges facing Mississippi’s children and families by providing a continuum of innovative mental health, social and educational solutions. Trustmark has been creating banking solutions for Mississippians for more than 130 years. Together, these trusted Mississippi institutions are strengthening communities by making sure children and families thrive.

Trustmark has partnered with Canopy to provide substantial funding to become the Signature Sponsor of Canopy’s Family Preservation and Reunification Programs. Through the Children’s Promise Act, Trustmark has donated to date $1.5 million to Canopy. The Children’s Promise Act was created to provide support to families in crisis and give assistance to children who are in danger of entering into state custody.

Canopy’s in-CIRCLE solution has safely diverted over 4,000 children from entering into state custody since 2019.

Canopy CEO Dr. John Damon

“We believe every child should have the opportunity to thrive in their own home,” says Dr. John Damon, Canopy CEO. “The outcomes of Canopy’s solutions were a major factor in The Children’s Promise Act being created, so that solutions like ours could get funding to continue creating outcomes that not only help the families who need it most, but also relieve the state’s foster care system substantially. Because of Trustmark’s support, The Children’s Promise Act is doing exactly as it was intended – serving Mississippi’s most vulnerable families and keeping children together with their families and out of state custody. We are not only able to continue to fund the in-CIRCLE program, but also create new solutions for families to help them before they reach a crisis point.”

Trustmark CEO Duane Dewey

“Trustmark’s partnership with Canopy is a testament to the fact that public/private partnerships can directly and positively transform lives of children and families,” said Trustmark CEO Duane Dewey.  “We are pleased we have been able to gift significant financial resources to help Canopy continue their mission throughout Mississippi, our home state.  We’re even more excited to provide the families they serve with financial education resources, because we know that by helping build stronger families, we are strengthening our communities.”

Trustmark is also partnering with Canopy to provide both in-person and virtual financial education courses for the families served by Canopy Children’s Solutions across Mississippi.

“We want everyone to know what a transformational partner Trustmark is to the mission of Canopy and are excited to acknowledge their partnership in this way,” said Heidi Noel, Canopy’s Director of Development. “Families and children will forever walk through our doors and know that Trustmark cares about them.”

To learn more about the Children’s Promise Tax Credit, contact Canopy’s Development Department at 601.352.7784.