500+ People

dedicating more than 1 million hours annually to provide solutions for children in: Behavioral Health, Educational, and Family Support Solutions

We Believe In Outcomes

2022 Annual Report

1 in 5
children have a mental health challenge

We Believe
5 in 5
Can Thrive

a few

2022 Outcomes

Children served plus their families


Hours of applied behavior analysis early-intervention therapy for children on the autism spectrum


Children worked with licensed therapists at the behavioral health clinics


Children received intensive psychiatric treatment, and of those 62% received care in their own home

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Holidays at Canopy

Holiday Opportunities with Canopy:

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2023 Service and Value Awards

Canopy’s core values are the defining principles that keep us on mission and provide clarity as we drive innovation for children and families in Mississippi and beyond. During the celebration, employees were recognized for years of service and Canopy’s four …

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Mission Moment Monday | CARES Center

This garden started with four simple beds (10’ x 5’). The vision was simply to build the beds and add a few vegetables. We had done some research prior to their arrival, and momentum grew when they arrived and quickly …

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The Canopy School Receives Accreditation and Now Accepts Dyslexia Scholarships

Though the school has only been in session a short time, students who attend The Canopy School are already making outstanding progress. The faculty and staff report significant growth amongst their students in many areas, such as academic, emotional and …

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Canopy Children’s Solutions’ 2022 Chrysalis Award 

The annual Chrysalis Award is given to those transformational partners who come alongside Canopy to make space and opportunities for transformation. Partners who want to leverage over 500 dedicated and mission-driven employees to do something together that Canopy could never accomplish alone. Canopy is proudly honored to award its 2022 Chrysalis Awards to Marshall Ramsey and Microsoft.

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Be Part of the Solution this Holiday Season

Grant a holiday wish for a child in Canopy’s care! Creating a partnership with Canopy to bring the gift of JOY to over 100 children will brighten the hearts of each child in our care. Each child will have the …

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CARES Center Mural

Chris is originally from Jackson, and has lived in New York, Texas and Georgia. He picked up many art techniques along the way, but has always been inspired by graffiti. He chose to use this medium when creating the CARES …

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