Enriching Resources to Guide Young Lives

Welcome to our Resources section. Here, professionals, parents, caregivers, and young people can find valuable tools and insights to aid in child development. Whether it’s behavioral guidance, educational support, or social challenge navigation, our resources are curated to empower and enrich the lives of children, their families, and their communities.

For Professionals

Access advanced resources and webinar series for professionals in child behavioral health, education, and social service with Canopy’s professional development solutions.


Canopy Children’s Solutions’ Referral Guide is a tool for referral partners detailing solutions offered statewide in all of Mississippi’s 82 counties. In the Referral Guide, explore our behavioral health, educational and family support solutions that provide a continuum of care for children to help them thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges.

The guide outlines Canopy’s core values and how they inform our referral processes and how we serve children and families.

Parents & Caregivers

Explore Canopy resources to support families, including our monthly Parent’s Corner Trainings.

For Young People

Canopy’s Youth Ambassador Program is available for youth in grades 9-12, and helps youth unlock their full potential and thrive.

Annual Reports

Canopy Children’s Solutions Annual Outcomes and Report provides an easy-to-understand “snapshot” of our organization’s structure, the solutions we provide, and how we spend revenue to support Mississippi children and families.