“I started working at Canopy six years ago this week.  Fully oblivious about children’s mental health.  Fully unaware of the struggles many families have.  Didn’t understand how many kids suffer daily from trauma, neglect, fear, a sickness they can’t control.

“Six years later… Every day, I am truly amazed of each mission-driven employee and very, very proud to work for Canopy. When others find out I work for Canopy, so many come to me for help for their child or another child they know in desperate need of help. I proudly refer them to one of our many solutions. I am happy to tell the world about the great work each of our staff does every day …. about the 30,000 lives that have been transformed in the last 6 years (5,000 kids/year) since I began my own commitment to helping children thrive.

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“Mental health affects every family in Mississippi, including mine. Without Canopy, I wouldn’t have the knowledge (and honestly, the courage) to get my teen help when she needed it. To know that many kids are struggling and need someone to help them heal. No child or family should have to face mental health alone. Today, 1 in 5 youth face a mental health challenge, but fewer than 20 percent ever get the help they need.

“I hope you take a moment to commit to at least one Canopy license plate for your family.  I have committed two.  My 16 year old is excited to represent our butterfly as well–that’s it’s ok to not be okay but recognize help is available.  I am proud to display the Canopy butterfly and be an ambassador for children’s health everywhere. I hope you will join me in purchasing one today.” –Ashley, Canopy Children’s Solutions team member

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