Canopy Children’s Solutions’ 2022 Chrysalis Award 

Marshall Ramsey is the Editor-At-Large and Editorial Cartoonist for Mississippi Today, a non-profit news website. He’s a two-time Pulitzer Finalist (2002 and 2006) and an Emmy winner (2022). His cartoons are nationally syndicated by Creators Syndicate and have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today and The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger. He is the author of several successful books including three cartoon collections, two short story collections (Fried Chicken and Wine and Chainsaws and Casseroles) and the delightful children’s book Banjo’s Dream. Ramsey’s cartoons, photos, stories and posts are frequently shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.   He’s also the host of the weekly statewide radio program, Now You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey and the television program Conversations on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. He has appeared on Fox & Friends, Inside Edition, CBSN and CNN New Day. His alma mater, The University of Tennessee, awarded him their Accomplished Alumni award in 2019. Marshall also a cancer survivor. Diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2001, he has been honored by both the Melanoma Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society for paying his survival forward. Marshall, his wife Amy, their three sons and precocious dog Pip live in Mississippi, the best state for politics, storytellers, sweet tea and raising a family. Most of all, Marshall has been a dear friend, advocate and a force to help Canopy win the war on the stigma of mental health. Pictured: Marshall Ramsey; Dr. John D. Damon (Canopy CEO)

Microsoft is a global technology leader and has a mission to empower others to do more. Since 2018, Microsoft has engaged Canopy in their Hack-A-Thons to innovate new technology solutions for persons on the autism spectrum; held multiple benefit concerts to raise vital funding for Canopy’s Autism Solutions; provided Canopy with a Digital Transformation pathway; and shared best practices and knowledge through numerous leadership meetings such as Microsoft’s Global Neurodiversity Team and Microsoft’s innovation hub: The Garage. Pictured: Dan Delay (Principal Software Engineer); Dan Fain (Cybersecurity Architect); Scott Price (General Manager, National Security Group); Dr. John D. Damon (Canopy CEO)

Photos by Josh Woodward Photography