Children’s Mental Health Summit goes virtual on May 5

Join us during this year’s Children’s Mental Health Summit to learn how to build a culture of dignity and hope within your organization, the children you serve, and your personal lives. The virtual event will take place on May 5.

Overview of Sessions

  • Creating a Culture of Dignity – Based on over twenty years of teaching and constant feedback from today’s generation of young people, Rosalind Wiseman’s presentation is a call to action to transform the way we understand young people and create communities where children can thrive. From young people’s friendships, social media use, gossip, drama, bullying, and the constant pressure to “keep up,” she will share how we can best connect with young people; especially when they need us most. She will give concrete advice, so that we may in turn guide the young people in our care while avoiding the common communication breakdowns and power struggles that often occur between young people and adults. Presented Rosalind Wiseman, Founder, Cultures of Dignity.
  • The Science of Hope – Hope has emerged as the leading predictor to human flourishing across the life span. This session will present the science of Hope as a psychological strength in our ability to cope with traumatic experiences and flourish toward future goals.  Research conducted at the Hope Research Center will be discussed that shows: (1) Hope predicts adaptive and maladaptive outcomes (2) Hope buffers the effects of adversity, and (3) Hope can be influenced and sustained. Presented by Shea Hutchins, LCSW, Chief Solutions Officer, Canopy Children’s Solutions
  • How to Lean into Difficult Conversations Related to Diversity and Inclusion – The call for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for all businesses has become progressively louder over the last decade. You see the moral, strategic, and community impact imperatives for bringing DEI initiatives into your organization. DEI is not an overnight solution; it is a slow journey with long-term goals seeking to remedy long-standing systemic barriers. Taheti will how to lean into difficult conversations related to diversity and inclusion. Presented by Taheti Watson, CDE, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Chief Engagement and Diversity Officer, Canopy Children’s Solutions

CEUs will be offered.  Please visit helpkidsthrive.org for more information and to register.

Thank you to Canopy Children’s Solutions and Mississippi Department of Mental Health for sponsoring the summit.