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2021 Annual Report

2021 Outcomes


Lives of children Transformed In 2021

For more than 110 years, Canopy has provided life-changing, upstream solutions for Mississippi children and families to reach their full potential. We believe every child can be a success story with a solid foundation for strong brain development, access to premium and individualized therapeutic healthcare, and support from healthy relationships on the journey. Positive mental wellness in children and families builds stronger communities and a brighter future for all.

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(CHILDREN Served)*







*Inclusive of children who received care through more than one solution.






















Over 20


Canopy employees hold over 150 professional licenses and certifications.

14 Licensed Social Workers
15 Licensed Professional Counselors
5 Licensed Marriage Family Therapists
44 Certified Mental Health Therapists
20 Community Support Specialists
4 Peer Support Specialists
16 Registered Nurses
5 Nurse Practitioners
1 Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavioral Analysts
5 Board Certified Behavior Analysts
18 Registered Behavior Technicians
3 Doctors of Psychology
1 Psychologists
21 Teachers



  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Wise Giving Alliance
  • GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency
  • The Joint Commission
  • Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services
  • Mississippi Department of Education
  • Mississippi Department of Health
  • Mississippi Department of Mental Health

    Through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions, children are able to find the help they need to thrive in their homes and communities. Canopy provides solutions for a wide variety of childhood behavioral issues through a continuum of care.


    • 3,190

      children served through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions

    • 2,563

      children worked with licensed therapists at our behavioral health clinics

    • 16,353

      hours of applied behavior analysis early-intervention therapy for children on the autism spectrum

    • 583

      children received intensive psychiatric treatment, and of those 62% received care in their own home


    Canopy uses a multi-disciplinary, strengths-based approach to support the emotional, behavioral and educational needs of each student.

    • Canopy’s CARES Schools

      are fully-accredited, private, non-public, special purpose schools designed to meet the educational and behavioral needs of children whose behavior prohibits them from succeeding in a traditional classroom setting.

      CARES School autism classrooms provide children on the autism spectrum with small classroom sizes that deliver education and therapy in a single location.


    • 331

      Students received specialized education through CARES schools

    • 32

      Public school districts were served by CARES schools in Mississippi

    • 78%

      Of CARES school students improved on their individual education plan (IEP) during the 2020-2021 school year

    • 14

      CARES school students transitioned back to their home schools during the 2020-2021 school year


    Canopy’s social service solutions are tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. For some children, this means placing them in a nurturing environment through foster care, adoption or temporary residence in Canopy’s emergency shelter, while others are provided with the tools needed to thrive within their current environments.

    • is a comprehensive home and community based family preservation, reunification and support solution for children and families.

      – Statewide

    • provides forensic interviews and healing solutions for children involved in allegations of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or who may have witnessed a violent crime.

      – Gulfport, Pascagoula

    • is home-based foster care for children with special emotional, behavioral and medical needs.

      – Hattiesburg

    • is an emergency shelter with diagnostic/evaluation services for abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth.

      – Vicksburg


    • 1,168

      children were safely diverted from entering the foster care system

    • 96%

      success rate of safely keeping families together through Canopy’s in-CIRCLE

    • 106

      abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth found a safe space at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 1,289

      victims of violent crimes found comfort and resources at Canopy’s South Mississippi Child Advocacy Centers

    • 65%

      INCREASE of children and youth served at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 538

      individuals and their families were provided family support and resources through Canopy’s LINK

  • Outcomes

    • 3,190

      children served through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions

    • 2,563

      children worked with licensed therapists at our behavioral health clinics

    • 16,353

      hours of applied behavior analysis early-intervention therapy for children on the autism spectrum

    • 583

      children received intensive psychiatric treatment, and of those 62% received care in their own home

  • Outcomes

    • 331

      Students received specialized education through CARES schools

    • 32

      Public school districts were served by CARES schools in Mississippi

    • 78%

      Of CARES school students improved on their individual education plan (IEP) during the 2020-2021 school year

    • 14

      CARES school students transitioned back to their home schools during the 2020-2021 school year

  • Outcomes

    • 1,168

      children were safely diverted from entering the foster care system

    • 96%

      success rate of safely keeping families together through Canopy’s in-CIRCLE

    • 106

      abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth found a safe space at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 1,289

      victims of violent crimes found comfort and resources at Canopy’s South Mississippi Child Advocacy Centers

    • 65%

      INCREASE of children and youth served at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 538

      individuals and their families were provided family support and resources through Canopy’s LINK


2021 Consolidated Statement of Accounts*

$28,685,830 Fees and Grants from Government Agencies
$1,749,265 Program Fees
$3,437,877 Contributions and Special Events
$301,252 Investments and Rental Income
$117,171 Other
$34,291,395 Total Support and Revenue Without Donor Restrictions

$1,663,842 Changes in net assets without donor restrictions
$115,487 Changes in net assets with donor restrictions
$1,779,329 Total changes in net assets
$17,024,007 Net assets at the beginning of the year
$18,803,336 Net assets at the end of the year
  • Fees and Grants from Government Agencies | 84%
  • Contributions and Special Events | 10%
  • Program Fees | 5%
  • Investments and Rental Income | 1%
  • Other | <1%
$17,138,056 Salaries
$3,017,134 Payroll Taxes and Benefits
$2,068,461 Professional Fees
$874,491 Program Supplies
$693,340 Other Operating
$805,796 Travel and Auto Expenses
$1,403,352 Occupancy
$80,726 Equipment Rental and Maintenance
$432,129 Insurance
$138,726 Bad Debt Expense
$1,177,684 Depreciation
$2,487,169 General & Administrative
$30,473,285 Total Program Service Expenses
$1,046,632 Fundraising Expenses
$3,209,083 Administrative Expenses
$34,729,000 Total Expenses
  • Fundraising Expenses | 3%
  • Program Service Expenses | 87%
  • Administrative Expenses | 10%

*Year Ended December 31, 2021, excerpt from audit.


Board of Directors

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Vice President

Headshot of Alfrado Donelson

Alfrado Donelson


Headshot of Monica Harrigill


Assistant Secretary

Headshot of Randy Eure



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Assistant Treasurer

Headshot of Robert Abney


Headshot of John Arledge


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Headshot of Richard C. Bradley III


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Headshot of Barney Daly


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Headshot of Carol A. Edmonds


Headshot of Gerard Gibert


Headshot of Bill Grete


Headshot of Lynn Hosemann


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Headshot of Laurie McRee


Headshot of Jackie Meck


Headshot of LaToya Merritt


Headshot of Jill Pierce


Headshot of Charlotte Seals


Headshot of Dorian Turner


Headshot of Bryman Williams


Headshot of Sherribeth Wright


Helen Dalehite

Arthur (Skipper) Jernigan, Jr.

Auburn Lambeth

James (Red) N. C. Moffat III

David Sanders

Jack Spradling

Ben Stone

Margo Swain

Sue Bagby

Williams Banks

Lane Campbell

Anne Cole

Craig Danczyk

John Ferguson

Frank Gardner

Rachel Hardy

Bud Husted

Annie Jenkins

Kim Nailor

Martin Pace

Donald Roesch

Patrick Smith

Ricky Smith

CORE Values

In 2013, Canopy team members from across the state went through a year-long process of creating our Canopy Core Values which are:

  • The voice of our children and families always comes first.
  • Relationships matter and our differences make us stronger.
  • We take great joy in service to others.
  • Our families and communities deserve our very best.

During our 2020 staff retreat, Canopy team members began to thoughtfully discuss adding a new core value that would adequately illuminate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

In 2021, after numerous discussions at the board level, leadership teams, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council, with staff throughout the state, Canopy decided that an amendment to an existing core value was in order.

“Relationships matter.” became “Relationships matter and our differences make us stronger.” On June 25, 2021, the new and improved core value was revealed at celebratory events in Canopy locations around the state.

Relationships matter and our differences make us stronger. This core value is reflected in everything we do. From the way we interact with each other to the way we provide solutions. We believe that every employee has something valuable to contribute, and that’s why we will always seek to create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel respected and valued. We know that when we come together and embrace our differences, we’re able to achieve much more than we ever could apart.

– Taheti Watson, Canopy Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are mutually reinforcing principles that contribute to the effectiveness and greatness of any organization which provides services to individuals or groups. DEI is a formidable practice that opens doors to discovering the potential of staff. Better decision making and innovation result in goal achievement and return to constituents. Robust practice of DEI promotes: greater retention, fresh insights,  fair opportunities to all, increased integrity, positive workplace and a shared experience. Ultimately, it produces outcomes beneficial to all those we serve.

– Bryman Williams, Ph.D., Canopy Board Member and DEI Board Committee Chair

Young boy with dark skin smiling and doing double thumbs up for the camera.











African American







The Fifth Annual 5K4Kids Canopy Cares Run, presented by Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance and Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, was held on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at the Madison Healthplex Performance Center.

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Butterfly Ball, presented by Trustmark, was a special night for the community to come together during a premier gala to support innovation and solutions for children’s mental health.

Read More


Guests joined Corey Dickerson and his Major League Baseball friends at the all-inclusive golf tournament held at Reunion Golf and Country Club on Monday, November 15, 2021. The inaugural Canopy Golf Classic raised much needed funds for Canopy’s Autism Solutions.

Read More

COVERED | AUGUST 25 AND 26, 2021

Canopy was chosen as the charity of choice to benefit from the fall Covered concert. Highlighting the music of The Beatles, it was a magical night for the community to come together in support of Canopy while listening to The …

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Inclusion Rocks, presented by Microsoft and benefitting Canopy, was in a virtual format in 2021. Month-long virtual events included Trivia Night, Microsoft’s Families Got Talent, Hope Grows art contest and a celebration concert featuring Microsoft musicians.

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Dickerson Family Photo

Beth Anne & Corey Dickerson:

Inaugural Canopy Golf Classic benefitting Autism Solutions at Canopy

Read Their Story

Transformational PARTNERS

Big impact requires significant partnerships, collaboration, feedback, innovation and commitment. That is what Canopy’s Transformational Partners are all about.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Cadence Bank 

Ergon Foundation, Inc.

Galaxie Corporation

Golding Barge Line, Inc.

Mississippi Farm Bureau 

Casualty Insurance

Morgan White Group

Southern Farm Bureau Casualty 

Insurance Company

Southern Farm Bureau Life 

Insurance Company


Warren County Board of Supervisors

$50,000 – $99,999

AmFirst Holdings, Inc.

Johnson Oil and Gas, LLC

Larry and Michael Johnson 

Family Foundation

AmFed Casualty 

Insurance Company

AmFed National 

Insurance Company

The Neighbor’s Keeper Advised 

Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Security National Life 

Insurance Company

$10,000 – $49,999

Dr. Kay Abney and 

Dr. Robert Abney

Asbury Foundation of 

Hattiesburg, Inc.


Lisa and Mike Bemis

Boolos + Oakes CPA Firm

Carol and Ronnie Edmonds

Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

Fondren Covered

The Fountain Family Foundation

GranthamPoole PLLC

The H.F. McCarty, Jr. 

Family Foundation

Henry and Martha Hederman 

Charitable Foundation

Dana and Warren Herring

Russell Ingram

Helen and John C. Lewis

Laurie H. McRee

Miami Marlins Foundation Inc.


Holley and Don Noblitt

Parker Lifeshare Foundation

Mary and Richard H. Puckett

Redman Foundation


Renasant Bank

Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc.

Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Kristie and Dr. Steven Speights

Sunray Tanning LLC

St. Dominic Jackson Memorial Hospital


United Way of West Central Mississippi

Terri and Duff Wallace

Susan and Buster Wellington

Partners in Growth
($5,000 – $9,999) 

Tammy and Mark Amis

Baptist Memorial Health Care


Bob Boyte Honda

Butler Snow Foundation

Cindy and Kirk Carraway

The Chew Foundation

Dr. Shirley Donelson and Alfrado 

D. Donelson

Tonya and Larry E. Favreau

Galaxie Foundation

Gray Daniels Auto GrouP

Monica and Ray Harrigill

Leslie and Mark Hosemann

Jackson Optimist Club

Junior League of Jackson

Dr. Shani Meck and Jackie Meck 

Peyton & Company, PLLC

Cathy and Charles F. Porter

Katherine and Rob Puckett

Elizabeth Smith

Smith Towing Company, Inc.

Anne and Parker Snow

Suzan and J.H. Thames, Jr. Family 


Jeanine and Mickey Watkins

The Wesley A. Caldwell Foundation

Winans Trust

Partners in Progress
($2,500 – $4,999) 

Kathy and Larry Accardi

Arin C. Adkins

Ginger and John H. Arledge

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Atmos Energy Corporation


Rachel and Danny J. Bolanos

Brick City Drugs

Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Converge Technology Solutions

Crowder Consulting, LLC

Helaina and Dr. John D. Damon

Dave Dennis

Saundra and Duane Dewey

Chuck Dorsett

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Kathy and Randy Eure

Facebook Payments, Inc.

Lynette and Chris Fountain

Cecilia Fung

Tim Galante

Julie and Gerard R. Gibert

Katie and Marcus Ginn

Graeber Foundation

Judith and Daniel A. Grafton

Troy Harry

Highland Village Properties, LLC

Stacey and Dr. Terry L. Hight

Sandra and Matt Holleman

Lynn and Lt. Governor 

C. Delbert Hosemann Jr.

Olivia and Gerard R. Host

Shea and Jake Hutchins

International Paper Foundation

Jennifer and Peder Johnson

Carla and Richard Lewis

Cynthia and Tim Mahaffey

Olivia and Brad Maley

G.G. Martin

KACEY and Baron Matthews

LaToya C. Merritt

Mike and Janie Jarvis Family Foundation

Mississippi Power Foundation, Inc.

Helen and James N. C.. Moffat III

Northwood Church – 

Gulfport/Wiggins Campus

Joshua B. Owens

Dana Peterkin

Laura and Shelby M. Phillips

Dr. Jill Pierce and Dr. Paul W. Pierce

Puckett Machinery Company

Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Foundation

Allen and Geri Beth Smith

Angie and Wayne Sumrall

Tarver Foundation

Melanie and Samuel J. Taylor

Dorian E. Turner 

Belynda and Howard Waring

Watkins & Eager, PLLC

Taheti and Eric Watson

Camille and Keith Young

Partners in Promise
($1,000 – $2,499) 

Summer and Drake Adams

Wendy Bailey

Lauren and Frank Benner

Lacey and PATRICK Bergin

Lana and Guy L. Boyll

Mimi and Richard C. Bradley III

Donna and John C. Bruce

Cory Burdette

Meredith and Dr. Graham Calvert

Canizaro Cawthon Davis Architects

Kimberly Chambers


Katie and Jamie Chustz

Dr. Nikki Cleveland and Dr. Kenneth 

E. Cleveland

David Cole

Cole T. Hodges DO PLLC

Merri and Hugh R. Comley

Community Bank of Mississippi

Kellie and Henry Cook

Anna and Michael Crawford

Meredith and James H. Creekmore

Helen L. Dalehite

Patti and Barney Daly

Thomas S. Davis

Dan Delaney

Marshall Dickerson

Dottie and Dr. Joe J. Donaldson

Dorian E. Turner, PLLC

Mary and Bob A. Dunaway

Elizabeth and Bowen Eason

Excel Sports Management

First Commercial Bank

Alison and Haley R. Fisackerly

State Representative Jill and Mike Ford

Lee G. Fuller

Lauren and Dr. Christopher M. Furlow

Lori and Gardner Gallaspy

Sharon and Byron D. Galloway

Joey and James W. Garner

Gretchen and Curtis A. Gentry

George W. May, Jr., DMD, PA 

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Gilchrist Donnell PLLC

Regina GinN

Dolly and Wesley Goings

Kate and John Green

Elise and Bill Grete

Molly and Adam Griffin

Lindsay and Jason Grinstead

Kathryn and LANCE Harden

Melissa and Mack Heidelberg

Rochelle and Jason Hicks

Melissa and Jack Hill

Charlene and John Honigfort

Vicki and Warren Husband

Blake and Tyler Jeter

Stephene and Randy M. Johns

Erland E. Kailbourne

Deborah and Les Lampton

Lisa and William Land

Ginger and Robert E. Leard

Peggy and John M. Louis

McGriff Insurance Services

Zac McMillian

Kay and Richard McRee

L.B. Melton

Meridian Cycles

Melanie and Richard Morgan

Mary Myers

Heidi and Mark Noel

Gayle and Tom Papa

Manisha and Mitesh Patel

Chris Posey

Katherine and Thomas W. Prewitt

Amanda and Tyler Raborn

Raborn Media LLC

Brian Rippee

Allison and Derek Rooker

Keith and Marianna Russell

Lori and Randy Sanders

Robert Sanford

Charlotte and Calvin Seals

Angela K. Sides

Suzanne and Ken Sones

Southern Healthcare Agency, Inc.

Judy and Jack K. Spradling

Martha Strickland

Martha and R.M. Summerford

Karen and Andy A. Taggart

Tay Morgan Designs

Elizabeth Y. Taylor


Two Men And A Truck

Karla and Allen Tye

Penny and J. M. Varner

Kaitlyn and Dr. Jason Vassar

W.A. Taylor Foundation

W.E. Walker Foundation

Deery and Harry M. Walker

Walmart Foundation

Jeffrey J. Ward

Meri SCOTT and Hank Waterer

Gay and Gary Watts

Laura and Jeremy Wesson

Angela and  Kenny White

Shawn and Bob Wilkerson

Brenda and Dr. Bryman E. Williams

Tom Williams

Mary Willis

Holly Wooden

Julie and Dudley Wooley

Sherribeth Wright

Elizabeth M. Young

Jim Young 

Partners in Compassion
($500 – $999)

Randall Abbey

Leigh and Lynn Allen

Fernando Alvarez

ASAP Printing

Maggie Bemis

Benefits Management Group

Mary John and Francis M. Biedenharn

Dawn and Marc Boone

Danny Burdiez

JoAnn and Robert O. Burke

Melanie and Jamey W. Burrow

Will Campbell

Dr. Barbara Craft and 

Dr. Jason A. Craft 

Cathy and Tom Crockett

Crossway Church

Susan and Mac Deaver

Esperanza and Eddie Delgado

Teresa and Frank Edens

Bethany and Robert E. Farr

Sallie and Hunter L. Fordice

Caroline and Jason S. Gilbert

Amanda and Bert Green

Neva F. Greenwald

GSGMS Troop 5713

H. Jason Blalock MD, PLLC

Hemphill Construction Company, Inc.

George P. Hewes

Hinds Behavioral Health Services

Brooke Holloway

Jennifer and Greg Hopping

William Jackson

Whitney L. Jackson

Jay Air, LLC dba Downtown Aviation

The John and Martha Hill 

Family Charitable Fund

Rita and Larry L. Johnson

Kim and Quinn Jordan

Thomas Joyner

Janet Katz

Elizabeth and Jerry Keating

Libby and Ted Kendall

The Kirkland Group

Stanley B. Kline

Kroger Community Rewards

Janice and Charles Langdon

Michelle and Kevin M. Lewis

Maureen and Samuael Long

Lorrie Driver Interior Design, LLC

Kate Lovrien

Hana and John Lucas

Sharon and Mark J. McCreery

Paige and Scott McLeod

Kelly and Nic Meeks

Meridian Community 

College Foundation

June Milam

Tammy Miller

Jill Millette

Miskelly Furniture

Mississippi Sports Medicine and 

Orthopaedic Center

Pete J. Montalbano

Origin Bank

Parker Real Estate Properties LLC

Jayden Perreault

Edith L. Perry

Premier Entertainment Vicksburg

Presbyterian Women – First 

Presbyterian Church

James M. Priest

Cathy and Steve G. Roberts

Betty and James R. Roy

Michelle Salemi

Corinne and Charles E. Sampson

Signmark, Inc.

June and Billy E. Sims

Bethany and Lucien Smith

Snapshot Publishing, LLC

South Park Elementary School

Nancy and Ben Stone

Amber and Mike Sukhbaatar

Bean and Floyd M. Sulser

TD Ameritrade Clearing

Harmony Thomas

United Methodist Women-Long 

Beach First United Methodist

Amy and DeFord Walker

Deedra and Wade Ward

Lee K. Waring

Marc Waybright

Olivia and David Webb

Carol and Douglas G. White

Mary Alice and Donald A.White

Marjorie and H.A. Whittington

Kym and Clay Williams

StacEy and Michael Williams

Worship Christian Center of Vicksburg

Younger Foundation

Partners in CHANGE
($250 – $499)

Satyn M. Adams

Christy Ainsworth


Sandra and Horace H. Baggett

Natalie and Robert Bailess

Cindy and Chuck Bell

Alicen and E.J. Blanchard

Peggie and David Bowles

Kathryn and Brett Brown

Robert T. Burke

Angela and Paul E. Byers

Beth Chadwick and Michael Pollitt

Sue and chris Cherney

Dot Chisolm

Mary K. Christman

Marianne and David Coker

Amiee and Mikey Colvin

Kyleigh Comley

Lee Copeland

Carol and Julian Crawford

Ellery and Turner Crews

Amey and Keith Crousillac

Margaret Cupples

Audrey B. Dodd

Cynthia and James Fulkerson

Gator Alumni Club

Teresa and Keith Givan

Joan E. Hart

Jody Herring

Hometown Medical LLC

Tyra Johnson

Cassandra Jones

Megan and Kevin W. Jones

Caroline Kemp

Rachel King

Cherie Labat

Living Waters Church

Ramona and James D. Lockett

LogoStoreUSA, Inc.

Jennifer Loytty

Cindy Mar

Lesley Marshall

Melody and John Maxey

Erin McCoy

Betha and Jay McNamee

Dave Miller

Sue Miller

Sylvia and Richard Mills

Mississippi Dermatology Associates

Kathleen and Thomas M. Mitchell


Julia Nathan

Office Innovations

Phoebe and Dr. Robert W. Pearigen

Madeline Potter

Melissa and Shannon Rigby

Dana and William Robertson

Melissa and Scott Runnels

Lauren and Brant Ryan

Michael Schmidt

Jia and David T. Scott

Sue Ellen and Granville Tate

Jan and Andrew R. Townes

Jennifer Tyner

Christian Ware

Margaret and Ranzy Whiticker

Erica Williams

Danna and Scott Wilson

Kenny Wilson

William Withers

Daniel Wright

Partners in CARE
($1 – $249)

Jamail Abelhad

Janice and Ellard R. Adams

Samrat Adhikari

Camille Agu

Elizabeth Ainsworth

Peggy and Tom Ainsworth

Sonya Alexander

Chris Alexander

Libba and James L. Alford

Allein Bible Class – First 

Presbyterian Church

Cathy Allen

McKenzie Amis

Lindsay L. Apostolopoulos

Lillian P. Appleton

Armon Surveillance and Security

Ashton E. Ates

Michelle Ates

Ian Austin

Chip Bailey

Bobby Baird

Mark Baker

Katie Bakken

Elizabeth and Gerald R. Barber

Emily Barbour

Olivia Barnard

Stephen Barnes

Linda Barrett

Susan Bates

Beth Beach

T.W. Bearden

Sarika Bedi

Bennett Law Office PLLC

Tiffany Benton

Ginger and Ernest S. Berney

Pamela and Chuck Bingham

Emily A. Bishop

Justina Blackburn

Leslie and Joel K. Bobo

Shirley and Larry Bonds

Lauren Bondurant

Crisler and Douglas R. Boone

Elizabeth and Stewart Boone

Joe Borja

Brandon Service Co., Inc.

Anne Brann

Robyn Brewer

Tanya Brieger

Mary Jo and Frank R. Briggs

Elizabeth Briscoe

Yolanda Bronner-Wooten

Debbie and Todd Brooks

Quincy Brooks

Aliesha Brown

Janel Brown

Randolph Brown

Sheretta S. Brown

Jennifer Brunetz

Kiran Brurok

George W. Bryan

Christy Cain

Nancy M. Caldwell

Rachael and James Caldwell

Amy and Joseph Campbell

Talethia Catchings

Chris Chapin

Child Advocacy Centers of Mississippi 

Angela Childress

Jamie Christian

Janan Clark

Steve Clark

Curtis Clay

Karen and William Clement

Tony Coaxum

Bettye and Larry L. Coggin

Anne Cashman Cole

Ali Comley

Felisia H. Cooper

Regina Cooper

Mitzi and Robert E. Cordle

Bridget Cortez

Jennifer A. Cottrell

Ben Courter

Amanda Covault

Townley Cozad

Meredith Crawford

Crawford Street United 

Methodist Church

Kelly Crockett

Chatambra Curry

CyberGrants SPV, LLC

Darby Damon

Lakeisha Davis

Reginald Davis

Robin Davis

Megan De Jong

Ian De Lisle

Jessica DeBarry

Jeremy Dennison

Department of Mental Health 

State of Mississippi

Mary Derby

Javier DeRossette

Erica DeVries

Dorcas Class-Whitesand 

Baptist Church

Abby Downing

Robert J. Duda

Evelyn Dupree

Donna and Brad Dye

Crystal Edwards

Ike Eicher

Joy Ellenburg

Muna A. Eltom

Traci S. Epps

Kayla and Perry Erickson

Elif Eser

Jim Estep

Carol and George Q. Evans

Elizabeth S. Eveland

Jennifer Fairly

Marissa Farquhar

Kay and Fred Farrell

Noriko and Michael Faust

Jennifer Ferguson

Ellen Ferrell

Elva Firstenberg

Cheryl Fisher

Kristy J. Flemming

Sally and John C. Fletcher

Betty Flinchum

Candice Flowers

Daniel M. Fontenot

Suzy and Ray Foral

Corinne Fox

Miranda Furnace

Jennifer Garrett

Frances George

Alex Gerchow

Piali Ghose

Cindy Gibson

Robin and Granville Gilbert

Marvin Givens

Carolyn and Ken Godwin

Carrie Gonzalez

Lisa Googe

Emily A. Gordon

Theresa Grand

David Gray

Pat and Raymond Grenfell

Sherrid Griffin

Mark C. Grimes

Traci and Dustin Grubb

Robin Gunn

Karen and Eddie Hacskaylo

Catherine and Ronnie Hames

Caesar Hamilton

Randi Hamlett

Haylie Hammett

Kathryn Hanigan

Tiffany Hannah

KeArndra D. Hart

Pat and Kenneth L. Hartley

Hawkins United Methodist Church

Stephenie L Hayman

James C. Hays

Christine and Robert F. Heath

Nakisha Henderson

Zeb Henson

Nancy Hewitt

Brenda and Richard Hobbs

Bubba Holloway

Laurie Holloway

Corrie Hoogstra

Tamara Hoppe

Sara Neal Horne

Katherine and William Hossley

Renee Hote

Sarah Howe

Carol M. Hudson

Janice and Hubert E. Hunter

Brent Hurley

Judy Hutson

Mary and Arthur C. Jackson

Natalie and Thomas James

Tina Jerome

Amanda L. Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Jamie Johnson

Megan Johnston

Dana M. Jones

John Austin Jones

Pamela E. Jones

Rebecca Jones

David Josey

Donna and James Josey

Claire Jungling

Mary and Ted H. Kendall

Mike Kiefer

Sara E. Kline

Robert T. Knight

Michael Koenig

Nandhini Lakuduva

Leila and Samuel M. Lane

David Ledbetter

Lisa Leeper

Alvin Lewis

Lynette and Jason Little

Robert Lloyd

Adriane Louie

Allison and Aaron Lowther

Evan Lundy

Hunter Machado

Ginger and Dan Magruder

Shaquita Mallett

Betty and James C. Maloney

Jenee M. Mason

Larry Mason

Jason Massman

D’Arcy Masters

Colette Matthews

Cindy and Ricky L. May

LeVon Maynard

Shirlonda Mays

Ian McAdams

Mary Ruth McCaleb

Michelle McClellan

Nicole McCree

Holly Y. McDavid

Andrea McGee

Avis T. McGowan

Individuals and Organizations

Abria Abston

Mari Acosta

Blanche Adams

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Jamiah Andrews

Alexis Armstrong

Alissa Armstrong

Eeshaan Bajaj

Billy Barnes

Kasey Barnett

Lauvinia Baugh

Caroline and Rudy Bazin

Christie Beasley

Ella Bennett

Hannah Bennett

Lindsey Blackledge

Abigail Blackwell

John Bolland

Melissa Bolland

Catherine Boone

Keariel Bracey

Bread of Life

Ty Brooks

Will Brooks

Lauren Brown

Wesley Brown

Emily Bruce

Pearla Buezo

Amaya Butler

Allison Byrd

James Calderone-Davis

Denise Campbell

LaShunn Campbell

Devin Carter

Makayla Causey

Zoie Chambers

Cathy Chapman

Todd Chapman

Niveda Chellappan

Skylar Cole

Paris Coleman

Zatoria Collins

Jacob Connor

Treasure Cosie

Titiana Crosby

Demi Damon

Ashley Davidson

Alexandria Davis

Jason Davis

Terry Davis

Iriel Davis-Conley

Kaitlyn DeDeaux

Caroline DeRosette

Cassie Deshautelle

Summer Desper Miller

Tamari Dowell

Hannah Duke

Briana Edwards

Kalaya Evans

Andrea Falcetto

Lauren Ferguson

First Tee Central Mississippi

Kassidy Floyd

Jaedyn Forehand

Shannon Fraley

Joe Francisco

Kimble Funchess

Elana Galambus

Denaya Ganzy

Lanell Gilbert

D’Nyla Graham

Shreya Gunpati

Ashley Gustafson

Jayda Guyton

Darrien Hardnett

Muhammad Hardy

Reagan Henderson

Sara Beth Henson

Tabitha Hewitt

Isabella Hicks

Symone Hill

Erin Hillard

Amberlee Holmes

Jalia Holmes

Paula Holsapple-Howard

Aidan Howell

Trent Howell

Rose Hsieh

Cheyenne Humphrey

Willie Hunt, III

Willie Hunt, IV

Caitlyn Hunter

Sue K. Hyland

Jordyn Jackson

Paola Jackson

Jackson State Cheerleaders

Taliyah James

Misha Jenkins

Delijah Johnson

Nyaja Johnson

Megan Johnston

Jonathan Beasley 

Jonasia Jones

Junior Auxiliary of Vicksburg

Jayda Kalinauskas

Katherine Kennedy

Nia Kindred

Montyne King-Clay

Lindsey Klaus

Gabrielle Knight

Max Laws

Liz Ledford

Diana Lester

Acie Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Steven Lewis

Hannah Lindsay

Trinity Long

Anne Avery Lunsford

Christie Mavridis

Emma May

Christina McCarty

Ella McCoy

Jennifer McDevitt

Joe McDevitt

Devonte McSwine

A’mira McWilliams

Ali Miller

Katrinna Miller

Mindfulness Through Music, LLC

Mississippi Department of 

Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

Mississippi State Personnel Board

Mississippi Therapy Animals

Anthony Mitchell

Fernando Mitchell

Vivian Mora

Donovan Morton

Joshua Myers

Laura Nabholz

Jennifer Nelson

Soleil Nutter

Odell Thompson

Caitlin Oldenburg

Kelsey Parkman

Trisha Patel

Jazmyn Perritt

Praying Pelican Missions

Terin Rash

Alexandria Redfield

Region 8 Mental Health

Essence Rentie

Emily Richardson

Mary Roberts

Montrez Robinson

Victoria Rogers

Yisseth Romero

Rotary Club of Jackson

Ashlyn Rutland

Kaylee Saxton

Camille Scott

Xandrea Seals

Ritika Shah

Hannah Shelby

Shamyah Sims

Naya Singleton

Jordan Smith

Tiara Smith

Sonny and the Baby Tigers

Claudaysha Spann

Kirkann Spence

Emanuel Stanley

Amaria Sumler

Brandon Taylor

Carolina Teague

Ana-Lisa Teasley

Destini Terrell

Margaret Thames

Valera Thornell

Lily Tolar

Anabelle Triggs

Alena Trotter

Ariana Troutman

Madison Turner

Saniia Turner

Zya Turner

Chasity Underwood

Sarah Vega

Akierah Walker

Kaitlyn Walker

Thomas Walker

Zyian Welcher

Christian Wilkerson

Anthony Williams

James Williams

Madyson Williams

Crystal Wise Martin

Danielle Woodruff

Cooper Word

Tionda Yarbrough

Serenity Ybarra

Abigail Young

Keely Young


Austin Brown

Beth anne dickerson

Connor Gee

Gerard Gibert

Katie Ginn

Amanda Green

Molly Griffin

Sarah Heck

Thomas Joyner

Caroline Kemp

Carla Lewis

Collin Mascagni 

Kacey Matthews

Kelly Meeks

Tyler Raborn

Amber Sukhbaatar

Kaitlyn Vassar

Tyler Walker

Terri Wallace

Hank Waterer

Camille Young

We simply could not provide the depth and breadth of our solutions without Transformational Partners coming alongside us to support us, encourage us, hold us accountable, and give us the fuel to drive real outcomes for Mississippi children and families. We are all in this together and that not only makes Canopy better, it makes Mississippi better.

– John D. Damon, Ph.D. Canopy’s CEO

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