Annually, Canopy Children’s Solutions recognizes staff members as recipients of one of Canopy’s four Value Awards. These awards are based on the organization’s foundational values: VOICE, RELATIONSHIPS, JOY, and VERY BEST, which defines Canopy at every level in our organization. Individuals are nominated by their peers for living out the values through their work and commitment to Canopy’s mission.

The VOICE of Our Children and Families Always Comes First

The 2019 VOICE Award goes to Muna Eltom. She works as a Family Partner at the CARES Center in Jackson. In this role, she helps families understand the therapeutic process. She meets with families to answer questions and helps prepare them for admission and discharge and advocates for the child and family on-going throughout treatment.

Value Award-Muna

“Muna enhances the mission through her daily service and contributions by recognizing that she is part of something bigger than Canopy,” wrote one co-worker in their nomination for Muna. “She understands how important it is to provide a voice for our children and families each day. The support she provides families encourages them to control their own lives in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

Muna helps to remind families that while things may not be “okay” right now, if they will persevere and keep believing in the process and giving their all to hope, they can lead an imperfect, happy, productive and content life.

“I believe that the voice of our children, families, and staff always comes first,” said Muna. “I try to be an advocate for everyone who is passionate about the health of the children at the CARES Center.”


The 2019 RELATIONSHIPS Award goes to Cassandra Jones. Cassandra is the Northwest District Manager for MYPAC and in-CIRCLE. Since joining Canopy in 2009, she has held several leadership positions including her current position as a District Manager for the Olive Branch and Greenville offices and service areas. In her role as District Manager, Cassandra provides supervision and support to teams that aid families in overcoming extraordinary obstacles.

Value Award-Cassandra

“[Cassandra] is a manager who teaches by example and who is fair and kind,” said a staff member about Cassandra. “She always puts the relationships with her staff and the families we serve as her top priority. She will go the extra mile to help out and never expects recognition or thanks. She sees the bigger picture and knows Canopy is about those we serve. Cassandra Jones is a wonderful example of what it means to be a servant leader.”

“I am truly grateful and honored to have been chosen as the 2019 Value Award recipient for Relationships Matter,” said Cassandra following the awards announcement. “This would not have been possible without the staff and others at Canopy.”

We Take Great JOY in Service to Others

Travis Rankin is the recipient of the 2019 JOY Award. Travis serves Canopy as Multicraft Maintenance Technician.

Value Awards-Travis

Working as part of the Maintenance team, Travis’ job has the potential to look different every day. He makes critical repairs to equipment and facilities and addresses daily maintenance needs at multiple facilities across the state. It is not uncommon to see Travis and other members of his team lending a helping hand setting up or tearing down from large organizational events, helping campus staff put together special events for the kids, or delivering donated items to families in need.

“Travis embodies the core value of JOY in service,” wrote one individual. “Whatever the task at hand, he arrives with a smile on his face, always has a good attitude, and is ready to help however he can. Travis gives 100% to anything he does. He has a genuine desire to serve even going beyond his “normal duties” to help out, especially if it is something for the kids.”

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the organization,” said Travis. “It brings me joy to perform quality work for the kids and staff who use our Canopy buildings.”

Our Families and our Communities Deserve our VERY BEST

The 2019 VERY BEST Value Award is presented to Rachael Caldwell. Rachael is the Lead Behavior Technician at the Early Intervention Autism Clinic in Jackson.

Value Awards-Rachael

Rachael spends her days helping children on the autism spectrum learn new skills including communication and verbalization, fine and gross motor skills, sensory toleration, relational understanding and social skills.

“Rachael provides her very best to our children, families, and autism team on a daily basis and serves as a great example of this core value to our clinic,” said one member of the Autism Solutions team. “Regardless of what is going on around Rachael, any casual observer of her sessions would see someone who is locked into the child in front of them at all times – she makes each moment with our kids count! Her very best is extended to our clients’ families as demonstrated by her compassion, patience, and understanding for each of them.”

“I’m blessed to work with an amazing team,” said Rachael. “I love all the families we get to work with. I love seeing the joy in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, and watching not only the children progress, but the families thrive.”

Congratulations to each of our 2019 Value Award recipients!