Navigating Families to Success


Canopy Children’s Solutions’ solution, LINK, is designed to connect families with state, local and federal community resources that address environmental stressors to help prevent families from ending up in situations that lead to childhood trauma.

Canopy’s LINK provides families with resources, support, education and the proper training needed to successfully care for their family in the home,” said Yolanda Wooten, statewide coordinator for LINK. “Our network of Family Navigators and Child & Family Advocates will connect families to resources that their family’s needs including services that enhance parenting skills and family preservation while also educating individuals on resources for mental health, substance abuse services, and teen pregnancy. Our goal is to coach parents on self-care and self-control to promote and enable stronger families.”  –Statewide LINK Coordinator Yolanda Wooten, BSW, M.Ed, CHSP

LINK is a program offered by Canopy Children’s Solutions and funded by a grant through the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Key Features of LINK

  • Linking families to community resources
  • Enhancing parenting skills using Active parenting
  • Increasing assistance in accessing formal and informal supports
  • Educating and linking family to mental health and substance abuse services
  • Educating parents on self-care and self-control
  • Providing teen pregnancy prevention and substance abuse training
  • Free service for families

Who does LINK serve?

  • Families referred by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS)
  • Families receiving TANF support
  • ANY family in need

How can families access LINK?

  • Contact a Canopy Children’s Solutions Care Coordinator at 800.388.6247.
  • Complete the below form:

To access the LINK informational flyer, click here.