A youth was admitted to Canopy’s Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC) and Wraparound solutions due to a history of physical aggression, suicidal ideations and attempts, self-harming and elopement behaviors. She also has a history of stealing from home and businesses, has been arrested, hospitalized and been on probation.

Her adoptive mother reported an incident where she went into a neighboring home of a local retired pastor. While there, she stole his phone and took and saved inappropriate pictures of herself. He filed charges against her, straining the relationship between her adoptive father and neighbor. Following this, the youth was placed in long-term care for four months. Her mother reported other challenging behavior, saying it was out of control and no one outside wanted to deal with her. She attempted to set her sister’s house on fire, and her sister feared the youth would harm her small children. Her mother reported feeling trapped and helpless for the last five years, with the family rarely leaving home over the past three years and not celebrating holidays or special occasions.

MYPAC and Wraparound have been working with her and family over the last five months. The team has helped them believe in the power of hope and identifying strengths to foster change despite setbacks. Working with her to determine how she learns and what motivates her from a foundation of “Stop, Think and Act,” she has learned coping strategies, developed trustful relationships, increased self-control, learned about healthy and safe decision making and positive communications. 

The team is also working with the family to rebuild fragile relationships and rebuild and grow their system of supports. The mother is appreciative that the youth understands what is being taught, the active role the team has taken, and has identified that she is making progress.

Since Canopy’s team began working with her:

  • No reports of physical aggressive behaviors of bullying
  • She is able to visit her sister’s home and father’s home
  • The family has started going back to restaurants and stores
  • Her mother took her first vacation in three years with a strong support system at home to be there for the youth
  • The family is participating in community and school-sponsored activities
  • In school, she has gone from Ds and Fs to As, Bs, and Cs
  • The youth had a birthday party and the family is planning to celebrate Christmas with a trip for the first time in three years  

Canopy’s MYPAC and Wraparound teams have found great joy in giving their very best to this youth and her family – by empowering the family to live a life of hope as they continue celebrating her progress. They will continue striving to meet goals and maintain progress toward overcoming discharge barriers.

MYPAC serves communities statewide in all 82 counties. It is intensive in-home and community-based behavioral health solution that is designed to keep youth thriving in the home as an alternative to residential care. Services include in-home individual and family therapy from a licensed/certified master’s level clinician, in-home support for families provided by a trained and certified community support specialist, and psychiatric/medication management via state-of-the-art telehealth services. MYPAC’s services are designed specifically with the youth and their family in mind and are tailored, measured and adjusted to meet the specific and unique needs of each family. To learn more, visit mycanopy.org or contact a Care Coordinator at 800.388.6247.