Canopy Children’s Solutions’ core values define our day-to-day actions and decision-making at every level in our organization. Many times what the organization does will change, but why we do it never changes. Canopy’s core values clearly define the guiding principles and beliefs that keep us on mission.

Each year, Canopy’s team nominates individuals who exemplify each of the core values. The Value Awards are the highest of honors given among Canopy staff for their work to achieve the mission to help children thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges.

Nicole McCree, in-CIRCLE Lead Therapist, Meridian

“The voice of children and families always comes first motivates me to always actively listen to fully understand the needs of the families I have the privilege of serving. The families are the experts of their lives. This value equips me to better empower children and families in order to meet their needs,” said Nicole.

“I bring together families, their support systems, and their community to work together as a team. By doing this, I am able to assist families to reach their full potential. I help families to realize their voice does not have to silenced; they are able to take full ownership of their lives in a positive way. Don’t allow what led you to me be the thing that breaks you, but allow your trials, tragedies, and tribulations motivate you. I believe in the children and families I serve, and I want them to believe in themselves as well.”

Kimberly Young, in-CIRCLE Supervisor, McComb

“Relationships matter and our differences makes us stronger motivates me to develop a relationship with families and give them that sense of hope that things can change and get better. I also try to continue to provide support to families, children and our referral sources,” said Kimberly.

“This value leads me and encourages me to continue building strong relationships and assist with the growth and development of Canopy Children Solutions. When focusing on helping families reach their full potential, I always remind them they are not alone and we are there to support them.”

Vicki Revell-Smith, Lead Family Therapist, Canopy’s South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center (SMCAC)

“When focusing on helping families reach their full potential, I always make sure that they know I am genuinely happy to see them. I truly take great joy in service to others. SMCAC sees the most vulnerable population. These children and their families need to feel authentic joy. I am so fortunate to work with the kindest souls (colleagues and families),” said Vicki.

“Seeing the transformation of these children is the ‘why’ for me. I truly feel excited when they walk into my office and when they complete therapy.”

Rosezena Adams, Residential Care Specialist, Canopy’s CARES Center

“Knowing our families and our communities deserve our very best motivates me to do whatever I can to help the youth at CARES Center feel safe and at home while in our care,” said Rosezana. “My team and I decorate the units for holidays, create games and activities to keep them active and having fun, and do whatever we can to help them thrive and know we care about them.”

Congratulations to all our Value Awards Recipients. Thank you for bringing your very best to our children and families so they can be a success story.