Sisters reunite thanks to Canopy’s in-CIRCLE team

Mission Moments define our children and their family’s success at Canopy Children’s Solutions. By sharing these successes, we celebrate our families and the challenges they overcome.

Sisters Janet, Jessie and Jennifer Ashton were in the foster care system since a very young age. When the younger sisters, Jessie and Jennifer, entered Canopy’s in-CIRCLE they were both emotionally traumatized because of their experiences. The oldest, Janet, desired to reunify the family and eventually adopt her sisters. She returned to college in hopes that would help give her the means to provide for her family.  Because the younger girls were in and out of different schools, they were unable to build strong relationships with their peers. Our in-CIRCLE team worked with Janet to begin permanency planning on adopting Jessie and Jennifer. After being with in-CIRCLE for just two months, the younger girls became involved in basketball and track at their schools and began making friends.

In the summer of 2020, Janet, Jessie and Jennifer finally became a permanent family through adoption.

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