2020 Canopy Value Award Recipients

Each year, Canopy Children’s Solutions recognizes exemplary staff members as recipients of one of Canopy’s four Value Awards. These awards are based on the organization’s foundational values: voice, relationships, joy and very best, which guide Canopy’s mission at every level in our organization. Individuals are nominated by their peers for the way they live out the values through their work and commitment to Canopy’s mission. Honorees were announced during the staff retreat.

The voice of our children and families always comes first

The 2020 Voice Value Award recipient is Kristy Flemming, a MYPAC Wrap Facilitator in Greenville.

“I believe you should be the change you want to see in the world,” said Kristy. “I live out our Canopy Core Values because I believe in what they stand for and continue to commit myself to our mission because I know the positive impact it has on those we serve.”

“Kristy is one of Canopy’s MVP’s,” wrote one of her peers in their nomination. “Kristy stands in the gap for the children and families advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. By being an advocate for the children and families, she has built lasting relationships and partnerships with the schools. The schools often call her when they are having issues with any child, even if they are not in our care. She does not believe in cookie cutter services and does her best to ensure that families get the services they need. She celebrates her families and has a true passion for helping others.”

Kristy is not an individual who waits to be asked to help. She seeks out opportunities to serve without expecting or desiring fanfare in return.

Relationships matter

The 2020 Relationships Value Award goes to Bridgette Edwards. She has served Canopy for 27 years ago and currently works as the Case Manager for the CARES School Jackson.

“Being honored for the ‘Relationships Matter’ service award was very surprising,” said Bridgette after learning of the award. “I was extremely moved by the kind words of my coworkers and am grateful to work with such a supportive group of people.”

“Bridgette has been at Canopy ‘her whole life,’” said a staff member about Bridgette. “She maintains a high standard of how things should be carried out and makes sure every family is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. She treats her client families all like her own and ensures our families and our staff always know that we matter!”

Bridgette was also recognized for her efforts in assisting CARES School families during the COVID-19 shutdown. She served children from inside and outside the school through phone calls, virtual teleconferencing, mail and text, and met with each Day School student to ensure the families had what they needed during a difficult transition.

We take great joy in service to others

The 2020 Joy Value Award goes to Charlesia Mean, in-CIRCLE therapist in Hattiesburg.

“To hear my name and see my picture on the screen for the ‘JOY award’ reminded me why I do what I do and who I do it for,” said Charlesia. “This year has truly been about growth and self-reflection and this honor has confirmed that it’s okay to not know all of the answers and to use that vulnerability to strengthen others.”

“Charlesia demonstrates a passion for serving others,” one person wrote. “She intentionally chooses to help others, whether it’s a client, staff member on her team, her peers, co-workers, supervisor, community provider, etc. She finds real joy serving others without seeking to be served. Charlesia keeps her eyes open to the needs around her and jumps in to help as best as she can.”

Charlesia transitioned from a therapist to a supervisor in 2019. She has worked hard over the past year to be an example of a servant leader to strengthen her team and provide support and encouragement during difficult times.

Our families and our communities deserve our very best

The 2020 Very Best Value Award goes to Eddie Delgado, Canopy’s Director of Information Technology.

“Words cannot describe what an honor it is to be recognized for one of Our Core Values,” said Eddie. “Canopy is an amazing place to work. I am blessed be part of such an extraordinary organization with a mission to help all kids.”

“Eddie always goes above and beyond his job responsibilities by working late into the evenings and even responding to many emails on the weekends,” said his peer. “He provides great customer service and always follows up to make sure questions get answered. Eddie is definitely a role model of giving your very best with a positive attitude in everything you do no matter how busy things are.”

Eddie and his IT team were integral in transitioning more than 90 percent of Canopy’s solutions statewide to a virtual platform during the early stages of the pandemic ensuring children and families could continue to receive the care and support they needed. Eddie was recognized for always looking ahead at innovative options that would help his co-workers be able to performs their roles more effectively which translates to better outcomes for our clients.

Congratulations to each of our Value Award recipients and thank you for all you do to live out the values that are central to Canopy’s mission to help children thrive.