Canopy wants to support you in promoting quality family time in your home. Check out some fun things we’ve highlighted throughout May that you can do with your family!

Silly Animal Walks

Is your child needing a new way to move his or her body to work out some excess energy? Try these silly animal walks! Maybe consider adding them to an obstacle course to make it extra challenging (and extra fun!) Compare yourself to videos of real animals and see who in your family has the BEST silly animal walk.

Click here for the printable version: Silly Animal Walks

Feelings Chart

Use this helpful self-care tool to help your child identify and talk about their feelings. Tell him or her about a time when you felt that way. If your child is sad or angry, help them identify ways to make him or herself feel better such as dancing, singing, drawing, riding their bike or taking a nap. This is a great way to help your child build positive coping skills for life!

Click here for the printable version: SEL – Feelings Chart

StoryTime with Ms. Gail

Need something to make you laugh or remind you of something positive when you’re feeling blue? Canopy Nurse Practitioner Ms. Gail has just the right stories to help!




Screen-Free Family Activities

Have you and your children had a little more screen-time than normal? Canopy has some fun family activities you can do together to get you out and away from the television, tablets and smartphones.

Click here for a printable version: Screen-Free Family Activities

Create your Own Mosaic

Get your creative juices flowing with an easy family activity that uses only a large flat surface, painters tape, sidewalk chalk, and a little imagination! Whether your creation is a rectangle or a butterfly, show off your work proudly with a family photoshoot highlighting your final masterpiece. Post it on social media using #UnderTheCanopy!