Canopy Joins Sanderson Farms Championship in Support of Mississippi Children

Canopy Children’s Solutions is committed to creating opportunities for children to grow and thrive in Mississippi.

Nearly 20 volunteers affiliated with Canopy participated in the Sanderson Farms Championship PGA golf tournament at the Country Club of Jackson the week of September 16-22, 2019. The organization was the marshal sponsor for the 14th hole and had a front seat pass to a great week of golf for a good cause.

“This is Canopy’s first year to participate with our friends at Century Club Charities for this event,” said Heidi Noel, Director of Development for Canopy. “When we heard about the need for volunteers, we knew that this was a great place to forge our efforts because it benefits kids across the state of Mississippi. At Canopy, our mission is to help children thrive and overcome extraordinary challenges, but that isn’t isolated to just the kids we serve. We want to support multiple efforts to support the well-being of all Mississippi kids.”

Since 1994, Century Club Charities’ members and supporters have worked to promote the combined interests of golf and philanthropy. Century Club is the host organization of Mississippi’s PGA TOUR event, the Sanderson Farms Championship, and has raised more than $15 million for Friends of Children’s Hospital and other Mississippi charities over the years. In fact, more than $1 million was dispersed to organizations across the state last year alone. The Sanderson Farms Championship, which was established in 1968 as the Magnolia State Classic, is the largest professional sporting event held in the state and has an estimated economic impact on the Jackson Metro area of more than $26 million annually.

“I’m so proud of the way our staff, board and friends embraced this event and were excited to come be part of it as a representative of Canopy,” said Canopy CEO John D. Damon, Ph.D. “Century Club does so much for Mississippi kids and we are humbled to support a shared vision of success for all Mississippi children.”

The tournament closed on #GoGoldForKids Sunday, which was used to show support for childhood cancer warriors and heroes. At the end of a nail-biting play-off round, Sebastián Muñoz was crowned the champion receiving the Sanderson Farms Championship Reveille Rooster trophy.

To learn more about Century Club Charities, their mission or way to get involved, visit http://centuryclubcharities.com/.