Inspiring the Future

Professionals from throughout the Jackson Metro area came to share their personal and professional expertise with teens at the CARES School Jackson’s Career Day. Students had the opportunity to learn about a variety of professions and ask questions about what the experts experienced in the day-to-day work.

Tycha Baham, local entrepreneur and owner of Kellye Christian Floral + Event Design asked a group of girls, “What are things you are talented in doing?” Hands popped up across the room with answers like drawing, crafting, painting and one girl revealed she and her mom would create festive wreaths around the holidays. Baham continued, “Then you already have everything you need to create a successful business! Work hard, value what you do, and you too can have a successful business of your own.”

Throughout the day a total of 15 professionals came and spoke with the students.

Michelle Tew and Christian Jones from Southern Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC, in Flowood talked to the youth about careers as dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists and office management.

Doug Leo, with transport associates Redwood, Paul and Benny from KLLM Transport in Richland, talked with the students about office and driving opportunities working with a “big rig.”

Tycha Baham owner of Kellye Christian Floral + Event Design in Jackson showed the girls different floral art techniques and the steps of creating your own business utilizing your personal drive and God-given talents.

Fabio Santos with Community Construction, Inc., out of Hazlehurst discussed life on the natural gas pipelines as well as environmental protection roles, office management and other pipeline careers.

Scott Gilbert, an attorney with Watkins and Eager, PLLC, talked about being a criminal defender as well as his time working as a fire fighter and EMT before law school.

Joe Shanahan and Cyndel Web with Shanahan Electrical Services, LLC, in Flowood gave an overview of the broad need for skilled trade workers and their work in the residential and commercial electrical field.

Helen Brown with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office talked to the teens about her work helping trafficking victims and investigating other exploitive crimes.

Patrick Etheredge with the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation spoke to several groups about hands-on summer camps that teach youth how to build small-scale plans. He also discussed the wide opportunities available within the construction field.

Patrick Etheridge Career Day Speaker

Retired National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) meteorologist Marc McAllister spoke to the students about the science of weather forecasting.

Taheti Watson, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Canopy Children’s Solutions, talked about gaining job skills through volunteerism, proper workplace behavior, interviewing and resume building.

The groups were very eager to ask questions ranging from work hours and educational requirements, to salaries and the favorite parts of their jobs. Newfound interests in the students were sparked by the presentations and engagement of the speakers.

Canopy is thankful for each guest who volunteered their time by presenting at our Career Day. Taking time to inspire future generations and opening their eyes to new opportunities will help motivate them for the future.

ABOUT CANOPY CHILDREN’S SOLUTIONS CARES SCHOOLS:  CARES Schools are accredited, non-public schools designed to meet the educational and behavioral needs of students whose challenges prohibit enrollment in a public school setting. The goal of CARES School is for each student to learn effectively and be able to return to their public school.  Canopy has CARES Schools in Hattiesburg and Jackson. For more information regarding Canopy’s full array of solutions, please contact 800-388-6247 or visit https://mycanopy.org/