Canopy Children’s Solutions is excited to announce Arin Adkins, Director of Corporate Compliance and General Council, will serve on the board of the Mississippi Hospital Association’s Society for Behavioral Health Services for 2019. She has been named President-Elect for the current year and will serve as President in 2020. She joins five other professionals serving from across the state in the behavioral health industry.

Arin Adkins

Arin Adkins, Canopy’s Director of Corporate Compliance and General Council

The society is devoted to professionals who work in behavioral healthcare providing information on best practices, subject matter resources from leading healthcare professionals, articulate changes in state or federal regulations that pertain to behavioral health, address compliance issues, promote advocacy and ethics, and other topics that are relevant to behavioral health professionals and facilities.

The society creates opportunities for continuing education that align with behavioral healthcare needs, obstacles and opportunities in the state. They also provide directives on how to best serve the behavioral health needs of Mississippians statewide.

Congratulations Arin on being nominated to this honor!