Canopy Children’s Solution’s Early Intervention Autism Clinic began serving clients at their new Jackson location inside Canopy’s Center of Excellence in September 2018. The Autism Clinic offers a comprehensive array of solutions to children and families through the use of intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.Success

“For many families in Mississippi, receiving a diagnosis of autism for their child means having to let go of things they love,” said John D. Damon, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer for Canopy. “For some it means leaving their home to move to another state with greater access to autism services, for others it means sending their child away from their friends and family to attend special-equipped boarding schools, for many still, it means watching their child’s future slip away as they come to terms with not being able to get their child the services they desperately need. No parent should ever have to give up hope that their child can lead a fulfilled life because of an inaccessibility to effective treatment options. Canopy is making huge strides in bringing more of these targeted solutions to Mississippi families affected by autism.”


The Autism Clinic encompasses a collaborative program that brings together research, technology and empirically supported therapies. Canopy continues its commitment to providing world-class ABA therapy that is individualized to the strengths and needs of each child, particularly through the use of sensory technology that can be fully customizable to the needs and interests of the client. The Autism Clinic also features a custom-built, sensory-friendly playroom that provides positive reinforcement incentives and multi-sensory learning through a combination of texture, light, and sensory elements.

“Canopy Children’s Solutions is on the cusp of changing the trajectory of autism services in Mississippi and beyond.  We are now unveiling our new Center of Excellence, recruiting new staff, helping to facilitate hands-on supervised training for ABA master’s candidates and creating a new state-of-the-art facility that is safe, sensory-friendly and on the leading edge of new autism technologies,” said Damon.

The Autism Clinic welcomed Chris Furlow, BCBA-D, as its new Autism Clinic Manager, bringing with him training and experience from his work at Johns Hopkins University as well as the Marcus Center for Autism in Atlanta. He joins Dr. James (Jim) Moore, Canopy’s Director of Autism Solutions, who spearheaded the expansion of autism solutions and the new clinic.

“We have a lot to celebrate in Autism Solutions at Canopy with the new space as well as a new clinic which opened in August for older youth needing ABA services,” said Moore. “With Chris coming onboard as well as research from several of our current staff being published in professional journals, we have a lot of positive things going and it is just going to bring more attention to the autism needs in the state and better care to our children and families.”

Autism Solutions Team

Canopy Autism Solutions Team

Families of children currently in the program were invited to tour the new space just before the grand opening.

“I think this is exactly what [Canopy] needed,” said one parent. “They have incorporated so many technical elements into the new space that will really capture the kids’ attention. I can’t wait to bring my son for therapy and hear how much he loves it.”

Some of the clients were in attendance for the tours as well. While they were too busy enjoying the clinic’s new features to stop for comment, the smiles and excitement on their faces indicated two big thumbs up.

clinic playroom

The Early Intervention Autism Clinic’s new location is at 1513 Lakeland Drive. The Autism Clinic is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday serving children ages 18 months to eight years old diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

The Canopy Center of Excellence

Canopy’s new Center of Excellence brings together three critical behavioral health entities under one roof: Children’s Psychiatric Solutions, Canopy’s Behavioral Health Clinic and Canopy’s Early Intervention Autism Clinic. Canopy Behavioral Health Solutions will provide integrated healthcare for any client within the Center of Excellence. Currently, clients can receive ABA therapy, outpatient therapy, psychiatric care, medication management, and telehealth solutions within the one location with the goal of adding additional services in the near future. This new model will create quicker access to care for Canopy clients and lessen the burden on families needing the services of multiple providers.

To learn more about Canopy Autism Solutions, please contact a Care Coordinator at 601.707.3980