A new trend has people on the hunt… for rocks. The Kindness Rocks Project was created to spread inspiration and kindness through brightly painted works of art. The painted rocks are placed in public areas to spread encouragement to others.

Canopy Kindness Rocks were developed by Andrea Baldwin, CARES Center Jackson Recreation Coordinator. The kindness rocks are decorated with designs reiterating the values the kids have learned at CARES. Rocks are also decorated with funny faces and fuzzy balls to help bring about a smile. CARES staff are placing the rocks throughout Jackson to help spread the kids’ messages of inspiration and kindness.

kindness rocks

“I keep a box of the rocks in my car and drop them off whenever I go somewhere,” said one staff member. “We hope people will begin finding the rocks and post photos on Facebook with the hashtag #601CKR to show the kids how their messages are encouraging others.  The response will mean so much to the kids.”

A Facebook Group, Canopy Kindness Rocks, was formed to share photos of the kids decorating their kindness rocks, as well as the hashtag #601CKR, in hopes that those who find the rocks will post photos on Facebook.

Get Involved

Next time you are visiting a local park or public space, glance around to see if you can find one of the colorfully painted Canopy Kindness Rocks. Be sure to upload a photo to Facebook with #601CKR to show the kids how their kindness is inspiring others.