Pam Jones celebrates 20 years of service with Canopy this September. As the Lakeland receptionist, her warm smile and voice welcomes visitors and callers to Canopy. Pam was the recipient of the Relationships Matter Value Award in 2013.


Tell me about your most memorable “mission moment” with a child at Canopy?

“Although there have been many “mission moments” during my time with Canopy, I must say that there was one baby boy in particular that truly touched my heart. An adoption social worker brought in a screaming little baby boy wearing only a diaper. He was terrified because his mom had just given him up for adoption as she could no longer care for him. Our whole staff took turns playing with him; we fell in love! Different departments would check on him and bring him stuffed animals. We all became very attached and prayed that he would find a wonderful family to adopt him. After several weeks in foster care, he finally received a permanent home with a family that was very thankful to receive him into their lives. We were all ecstatic when we received the news that he would be in a safe, loving forever home.”

What motivates you every day?

“I love the staff and the children and families we serve. I believe in the mission of Canopy and the great work that we do.”

If you offered one single bit of advice to a new employee starting at Canopy, what would it be?

“New employees need to stay mission focused, and remember the reasons why you are here. We are here to make a positive impact on the lives of the children and families that we serve.”