Trusted provider of behavioral health, educational, and social services solutions has helped hundreds of thousands of Mississippi children and their families

The name change serves to drive clarity of what solutions are offered through the agency as well as to create an identity that is memorable, unmistakable, and easily understood by the children and families it serves and those who support its crucial work.

Canopy was established in 1912 as Mississippi Children’s Home Society. It is one of the state’s largest privately run 501(c)3 organizations with a record of stewardship excellence noted by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s charitable records. Solutions offered through Canopy today include autism programs, intensive psychiatric care, intensive in-home solutions, specialized education programs, therapeutic foster care, crisis solutions and shelters, behavioral health solutions, adoption, family preservation and family reunification.

Canopy provides children and families with the necessary resources to help every child be a success story.

“We are not a state agency, and we are not a home for children. In fact, we are the opposite,” said Dr. John Damon, CEO of Canopy. “Our previous name confused a lot of people and misrepresented the heart of who we are. We believe the best place for every child is in their own home and in their own community. In fact, just recently, a child entering one of our outpatient clinics saw our previous logo and asked his/her mother, ‘why are you bringing me to a children’s home?’ This further affirmed the need for a name change.”

Dr. Damon believes Canopy Children’s Solutions communicates something very different. “The word ‘Canopy’ communicates safety and life,” he said. “Every child builds a canopy tent in their room with their bed sheet – it is their own safe world. We are a safe place for children to come and grow and learn how to thrive. Also, replacing the word ‘Services’ with ‘Solutions’ communicates our commitment to demonstrable outcomes and real life solutions to real life problems. We are humbled to have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children over the last 100 years and we will continue to pioneer new solutions and provide innovative programs to help children thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges.”

Today, Canopy is the Mississippi’s most comprehensive provider of children’s behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions. Canopy provides children and families with the necessary resources to help every child be a success story. A continuum of evidence-based therapeutic solutions supports children and families by providing the tools needed to foster transformation based on their unique strengths and individualized needs.

Canopy’s extensive network includes 20 locations strategically located throughout the state allowing the organization to serve children in all 82 Mississippi counties.