Connecting Children with Loving Homes

All children in Mississippi deserve a permanent, loving home. We also recognize that a caring family with supportive parents is necessary for a child to thrive. We help place children of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in the safety of a loving home. Canopy forms families through our adoption and therapeutic foster care programs.

Canopy Provides Adoption and Maternity Care Solutions

Since 1912, Mississippi Children’s Home Services, now Canopy Children’s Solutions, has placed nearly 7,000 infants and children into permanent, loving homes. Whether you are a birth mother searching for the best place for your child, or a family wishing to adopt a child, Canopy is a partner as you embark on this journey. With the best interest of your child at heart, we will ensure that the process will be handled compassionately and efficiently.

Confidential Adoption Services

Our Confidential Services include:

  • Adoption Home Studies
  • Pre- and post-placement solutions
  • Counseling to adoptive parents
  • Specialized adoption training
  • Interstate compact services

Recognizing that the adoption process can be overwhelming, we are honored to walk alongside adoptive families through this life-changing experience. That may include adoption training, education regarding the adoption process, completion of a home study, supportive counseling, finding the best match for each family, and, pre- and post-placement solutions. Learn more about the types of adoptions we provide. Read more about the requirements for adoptive families.

Trained and licensed staff help birth parents navigate numerous options available to expecting parents. Referrals to community resources are also provided to meet the needs of the birth parents and child.

Adoptive parents and adoptees often have many questions long after the adoption process is complete. While maintaining the confidentiality of all parties, we provide non-identifying medical and social information to the adoptees placed by Canopy.

If you have questions about the adoption process, call us at 1-800-388-6247.

Therapeutic Foster Care

With thousands of children in the child welfare system in Mississippi, there is a desperate need for families to open their hearts to provide safe, nurturing homes. Our Therapeutic Foster Care program recruits and trains families to provide homes for children with emotional disturbances. Learn more about the program and how to become a Therapeutic Foster Resource Parent.

Birth Records Request

Are you an adult adopted through Mississippi Children’s Home Services or Canopy Children’s Solutions? While maintaining the confidentiality of all parties, we provide non-identifying, vital information such as medical information, social history, and birth history to our adoptees. If you’d like to make a request, click here to fill out the Birth Records Request Form.

Adoption Alumni

We would love to hear from our adoption alumni. With each child placed, Canopy has built a tapestry of lives and families transformed. If you are an adoption alumni, please share your information with us.