Receive an Individual Tax Credit While Transforming Children’s Lives

The state of Mississippi offers a tax credit for donations made to an eligible Qualified Charitable Organization. Your donation to Canopy can be a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR TAX CREDIT on your Mississippi taxes up to $1,800.

Let us help! We can make it easy to become a hero for Mississippi’s children. Reach out to us via email at or call the Canopy Development Department at 769-777-1012.

It Takes 3 Easy Steps.

Step One:
Complete the MSDOR’s Application for Allocation of Contributions Made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations or Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organizations. Submit to the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MSDOR).
Step Two:
Once you receive an allocation from the MSDOR, simply make a donation to Canopy to receive a tax credit up to $1,800.
Step Three:
Send verification of the contribution to the MSDOR. Verification must be received within 60 days of receipt of notification of allocation or before December 31.

FAQ’s about the Children’s Promise Act Tax Credit:

This information is not intended to give tax advice. Please consult with your tax professional about your specific tax questions.