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a few highlights about…

  • The state of Mississippi offers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for donations made to eligible Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organizations (QFCCO), Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO) and Eligible Transitional Home Organizations (ETHO).
  • Canopy qualifies as a QFCCO, a QCO and an ETHO.
  • You can receive a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR TAX CREDIT on your Mississippi taxes for your donation to Canopy.
  • Unused tax credits may be carried forward for 5 years.
  • Tax-Types that Credit can be used against: Income Tax and Ad Valorem Tax

More information about the Children’s Promise Act tax credits for individuals can be found HERE.

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it takes

3 Easy Steps

Step One: Hand holding some money.

Step One

Make a donation! Canopy will mail your donation receipt with instructions on how to apply for your dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Step Two

Complete the MS Department of Revenue online application for your dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Step Three: icon of an envelope.

Step Three

Upload your donation verification to the MS Department of Revenue.

This information is not intended to give tax advice. Consult a tax professional regarding your specific tax questions.