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2022 Annual Report

2022 Outcomes


Lives of children Transformed In 2022

Canopy’s mission is to help children thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges by providing a continuum of behavioral health, educational and family support solutions.

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(CHILDREN Served)*







*Inclusive of children who received care through more than one solution.
























Over 20


Canopy employees hold over 200 professional licenses and certifications.

11 Licensed Social Workers
14 Licensed Professional Counselors
3 Licensed Marriage Family Therapists
15 Community Support Specialists
5 Peer Support Specialists
21 Registered Nurses
4 Nurse Practitioners
1 Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavioral Analyst
21 Registered Behavior Technicians
6 Board Certified Behavior Analysts
21 Registered Behavior Technicians
3 Doctors of Psychology
1 Psychologists
39 Teachers
47 Community Mental Health Team Members



  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Wise Giving Alliance
  • Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services
  • GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency
  • The Joint Commission
  • Mississippi Department of Education
  • Mississippi Department of Health
  • Mississippi Department of Mental Health

    Through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions, children are able to find the help they need to thrive in their homes and communities. Canopy provides solutions for a wide variety of childhood behavioral issues through a continuum of care.

    • Wide range of solutions for children and families, including:

      • Convenient outpatient treatment for ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma and other behavioral health challenges
      • Behavioral health evaluations
      • Individual and family therapy
      • Crisis management
      • Medication management
      • Psychiatric services

      – Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Jackson

    • 60-bed psychiatric residential treatment facility serving children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 with severe emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Solution offers:

      • Comprehensive services with multidisciplinary team
      • Intensive individual, group and family therapy
      • Medical services
      • Therapeutic services
      • Education services and social skills training

      – Jackson

    • Early intervention autism therapy for children 18 months to 8 years old, offering:

      • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy
      • Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK) language training system
      • Required individualized parent training for all families
      • Training for educators, social workers and daycare centers
      • Behavioral consultation for school districts and daycare centers
      • Provide comprehensive ABA assessment examining various aspects of child development such as language, behavior and what may serve as a motivation to learn

      – Jackson

    • Intensive in-home and community-based behavioral health solution that is designed to keep youth thriving in the home as an alternative to residential care. Solution offers:

      • Psychiatric services
      • Individual and family therapy
      • Medication management
      • Crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

      – Statewide

    • Intensive in-home and community-based behavioral health solution that is designed to keep youth thriving in the home as an alternative to residential care. Solution offers:

      • Families a comprehensive, holistic, youth and family-driven way of responding when a child or youth in the family is experiencing serious mental health or behavioral challenges
      • Collaborating for family goals and outcomes

      – Statewide


    • 2,278

      children served through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions

    • 1,741

      children worked with licensed therapists at our behavioral health clinics

    • 20,818

      hours of applied behavior analysis early-intervention therapy for children on the autism spectrum

    • 750

      children received intensive psychiatric treatment, and of those 62% received care in their own home


    Canopy uses a multi-disciplinary, strengths-based approach to support the emotional, behavioral and educational needs of each student.

    • Canopy’s CARES Schools

      Fully-accredited private, non-public, special purpose school, offering:

      • Small class sizes
      • Trauma-informed classrooms
      • Licensed teachers and Behavioral Education Interventionalists in each classroom
      • Intense, individualized educational and therapeutic services that meet the needs of each student
      • Specialized classrooms for children on the autism spectrum
      • Services designed to improve relationships at home and in the community
      • Access to a full continuum of services
      • Extended school year
      • Grades 1-12
    • The Canopy School

      Fully-accredited school empowering the diverse abilities of children through an individualized approach to education in a supportive, innovative and transformative environment

      • Grades K-12
      • Workforce Development
      • Intense, individualized educational and therapeutic services that meet the needs of each student
      • Workforce Development
      • Support Services include:
        • Dyslexia therapy
        • Speech therapy
        • Occupational therapy
        • School and clinical mental health counseling
        • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy
      • Small teacher-to-student ratio
      • Eligible to accept dyslexia and Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs)


    • 380

      Children served through Canopy's educational solutions

    • 317

      Childen recieved specialized education through CARES Schools

    • 32

      Public school districts were served by CARES Schools in Mississippi

    • 63

      Students enrolled at the Canopy School


    Canopy’s family support solutions are tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. For some children, this means placing them in a nurturing environment through foster care, adoption or temporary residence in Canopy’s emergency shelter, while others are provided the tools needed to thrive within their current environment.

    • Comprehensive home and community-based family preservation, reunification and support solution for children and families, offering:

      • Crisis intervention (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
      • Child and family team meetings
      • Individual and family therapy
      • Case management and service coordination
      • Trauma-focused therapy
      • Parenting and life skills training
      • Wraparound services available
      • Peer support services

      – Statewide

    • Provides forensic interviews and healing solutions for children involved in allegations of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or who may have witnessed a violent crime. Solution offers:

      • Forensic interviews
      • Access to community resources
      • Court preparations for families
      • Court testimony
      • Mental health solutions
      • Parenting classes and community outreach
      • Victim advocacy
      • Multidisciplinary team reviews

      – Gulfport, Pascagoula

    • Home-based foster care for children with special emotional, behavioral and medical needs.

      • Parent training
      • Licensed Canopy therapeutic foster care
      • Financial compensation
      • Support through Canopy:
        • Crisis intervention
        • Therapy
        • Training
        • Resources
      Adoption and maternity solutions are available statewide and offer birth search, home study, adoption planning and adoption placement.

      – Hattiesburg

    • Emergency shelter with diagnostic/evaluation services for abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth.

      • 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency shelter and diagnostic/evaluation services
      • Medical, dental, vision and psychological care
      • Crisis intervention
      • Individual counseling and group counseling
      • Case management
      • Behavioral management
      • Aftercare counseling services
      • Referrals to necessary agencies
      • Educational and life skills support
      • Recreational activities
      • Serving children and adolescents ages 17 and younger

      – Vicksburg


    • 2,981

      children and families served by Canopy's LINK solution

    • 98%

      total youth diverted from entering the foster care system

    • 98%

      of youth were safely maintained in the home or with a family member

    • 96%

      of youth were safely reunited with their family

    • 89

      abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth found a safe space at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 1,097

      victims of violent crimes found comfort and resources at South Mississippi Child Advocacy Centers

    • 1,303

      Children served through Canopy’s family preservation and reunification solution

  • Outcomes

    • 2,278

      children served through Canopy’s behavioral health solutions

    • 1,741

      children worked with licensed therapists at our behavioral health clinics

    • 20,818

      hours of applied behavior analysis early-intervention therapy for children on the autism spectrum

    • 750

      children received intensive psychiatric treatment, and of those 62% received care in their own home

  • Outcomes

    • 380

      Children served through Canopy's educational solutions

    • 317

      Childen recieved specialized education through CARES Schools

    • 32

      Public school districts were served by CARES Schools in Mississippi

    • 63

      Students enrolled at the Canopy School

  • Outcomes

    • 2,981

      children and families served by Canopy's LINK solution

    • 98%

      total youth diverted from entering the foster care system

    • 98%

      of youth were safely maintained in the home or with a family member

    • 96%

      of youth were safely reunited with their family

    • 89

      abused, neglected, runaway and homeless children and youth found a safe space at Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter

    • 1,097

      victims of violent crimes found comfort and resources at South Mississippi Child Advocacy Centers

    • 1,303

      Children served through Canopy’s family preservation and reunification solution

Canopy School

Empowering the diverse abilities of children through an individualized approach to education in a supportive, integrated, innovative and transformative environment.

Canopy’s newest educational solution, The Canopy School, opened its doors to students on September 6, 2022, for the first day of school.

Canopy hosted a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Reception on September 14, 2022. Joining us at The Canopy School for the ribbon cutting was Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee and Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce President Ray Valentine. Guests heard remarks from Canopy’s CEO Dr. John D. Damon and The Canopy School’s Head of School Kara White. Following remarks, a grand opening reception was held that included tours for local media and attendees.

The Canopy School builds on our education expertise and empowers the diverse abilities of children through an individualized approach to education. Our goal is to enable children to reach their potential, so that they can independently thrive in their communities. We consider the launch of The Canopy School to be a historic undertaking—utilizing an individualized approach to education to teach practical skills tailored to each child’s strengths to instill confidence for transformative growth.


We recognize that students learn in different ways. Children deserve a learning environment that highlights their strengths and provides the appropriate support systems to address their unique learning needs. Successful school outcomes occur when the academic, social and emotionalneeds of each student are addressed and nurtured. I don’t believe that success has a “one size fits all” definition but I do believe every child can have a successful school experience when we take the time to address the needs of the whole child. At The Canopy School, we are creating an environment where mission-driven collaboration among educators, parents and students is the norm for every child and family. Sometimes, I think we focus so much on test scores and data, and we forget that school should also be a joyful experience for our children. When kids feel valued and their social/emotional needs are being met, they are able to put so much more energy and enthusiasm into learning.


School should be an enjoyable, enlightening and nurturing experience for students. They should want to come to school each day, ready to learn, confident in the knowledge that they are cared for and respected in their school environment. When I meet with potential students for admission into The Canopy School, my goal is to identify the many ways we can address the student’s needs. I want every child to have the opportunity to receive the care and the support they need to unlock their full potential.

5 Year Strategic Plan

Canopy engaged the Monitor Institute by Deloitte for a three phased strategic planning process to help the organization build a shared understanding of where we are today, make key decisions around Canopy’s new strategy, and build an operational plan to support our new strategy.







Canopy’s Opportunity and Aspiration

We want to expand our work in Mississippi, stay on the leading edge of innovative best-practices, and proactively pursue partnerships to meet children where they are.


    We will improve access to high-quality care and expand Canopy’s reach by pursuing three key priorities:

    • Canopy will seek to be a leader in driving innovation in mental wellness by developing a robust process for exploring innovative ideas; evaluating ideas for feasibility, impact, and financial viability; and adapting internal structures, processes, and resourcing to steward new innovations from concept to launch.

    • Canopy will expand its sphere of influence by pursuing strategic partnerships that will result in increased reach and access to high-quality care in Mississippi, starting by exploring potential partnerships to meet children where they are – first in schools and then in pediatricians’ offices.

    • Canopy will invest in capabilities to enhance our effectiveness in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Specifically, we will build our measurement, data, and learning capabilities and our clinical expertise to stay on the leading edge of practice, and invest in communications to drive name recognition, raise awareness of services, and gain referrals.

Over the next five years, we will:

  • 1.


  • 2.


  • 3.


  • 4.


  • 5.


Trauma Informed Care

In the fall of 2022, Canopy Children’s Solutions began piloting a new version of its Trauma Informed Care Training. While the organization has been partnering with an outside institution to provide trauma training for several years now, members of the Canopy team saw the need for something more in-depth. As knowledge of trauma and its effects has become more mainstream, the public awareness and discourse surrounding the topic has drastically changed too, causing team members at Canopy to collaborate, examine their resources, collect data, and ultimately revamp their existing training.

Trauma can take many forms and affect people in dramatically different ways, and this new training program is designed with that in mind. Each department at Canopy, from administrative staff to team members working directly with children and families, receives trauma training specific to the needs of their position. The program also includes bi-monthly check-ins scheduled to gather feedback and data, as well as to provide further training.

“Things have just changed. It’s no longer just trauma informed care. It’s also understanding, as a staff member, how trauma affects children,” says Nakisha Henderson, a Training Solutions Coordinator at Canopy.


Nakisha Henderson

Training Solutions Coordinator

The new Trauma Informed Care Training is not exclusive to Canopy staff members. Those who developed the training aim to provide it to other community organizations, such as schools, parents, churches and local businesses. The training also seeks to cover all ways trauma can manifest. From generational trauma that affects families to an increase in the chance for obesity, heart disease, cancer and other physical health ailments - Canopy’s goal is a comprehensive, continued training program that can help communities address and treat trauma together.

“It’s all one issue. We can’t deal with it separately,” states Sarah Howe, Canopy’s Director of Organizational Development and Training. “If we don’t deal with the trauma and get people the help they need; it’s not going to fix itself. They’re not just going to wake up and be fine.”

Developed in collaboration with Canopy’s clinicians, therapists and counselors, the Trauma Informed Care Training program has already had many positive outcomes and received much positive feedback. As the program expands through different areas of Canopy and the organization’s surrounding communities, developers of the program hope to continue to raise awareness and educate the public on trauma, its lasting effects, and how healing can be achieved.


2022 Consolidated Statement of Accounts*

$30,930,625 Fees and Grants from Government Agencies
$1,868,915 Program Fees
$8,661,985 Contributions and Special Events
$311,726 Investments and Rental Income
$205,665 Other
$41,978,916 Total Support and Revenue Without Donor Restrictions

$2,215,229 Changes in net assets without donor restrictions
($257,531) Changes in net assets with donor restrictions
$1,957,698 Total changes in net assets
$18,803,336 Net assets at the beginning of the year
$20,761,034 Net assets at the end of the year
  • Fees and Grants from Government Agencies | 73.68%
  • Contributions and Special Events | 20.63%
  • Program Fees | 4.45%
  • Investments and Rental Income | 0.74%
  • Other | 0.49%
$20,179,020 Salaries
$3,517,239 Payroll Taxes and Benefits
$2,193,864 Professional Fees
$961,802 Program Supplies
$853,518 Other Operating
$1,270,060 Travel and Auto Expenses
$1,274,180 Occupancy
$53,371 Equipment Rental and Maintenance
$428,054 Insurance
$180,713 Bad Debt Expense
$1,275,506 Depreciation
$2,480,763 General & Administrative
$34,668,090 Total Program Service Expenses
$1,295,985 Fundraising Expenses
$3,799,612 Administrative Expenses
$39,763,687 Total Expenses
  • Fundraising Expenses | 3.26%
  • Program Service Expenses | 87.19%
  • Administrative Expenses | 9.56%

*Year Ended December 31, 2022, excerpt from audit.


Board of Directors

Headshot of Lisa Bemis



Brad Maley


Vice President

Headshot of Alfrado Donelson

Alfrado Donelson


Headshot of Monica Harrigill


Assistant Secretary

Headshot of Randy Eure



Headshot of Larry Favreau


Assistant Treasurer

Headshot of Robert Abney


Headshot of John Arledge


Headshot of Lauren Benner


Headshot of Richard C. Bradley III


Headshot of Lane Campbell


Headshot of Jamie Chustz


Headshot of Barney Daly


Headshot of Dave Dennis


Headshot of Carol A. Edmonds


Headshot of Gerard Gibert


Headshot of Bill Grete


Headshot of Lynn Hosemann


Headshot of Craig Jackson


Headshot of Will Lampton


Headshot of Robert Leard


Headshot of Laurie McRee


Headshot of Jackie Meck


Headshot of LaToya Merritt


Headshot of Jill Pierce


Headshot of Charlotte Seals


Headshot of Dorian Turner


Headshot of Bryman Williams


Headshot of Sherribeth Wright


Helen Dalehite

Arthur (Skipper) Jernigan, Jr.

Auburn Lambeth

James (Red) N. C. Moffat III

David Sanders

Jack Spradling

Ben Stone

Margo Swain

Sue Bagby

Williams Banks

Lane Campbell

Anne Cole

Craig Danczyk

John Ferguson

Frank Gardner

Rachel Hardy

Bud Husted

Annie Jenkins

John D. Damon, PH.D | Chief Executive Officer

Tammy Amis, M.B.A | Chief of Staff

Terry Hight, PH.D | Chief Operating Officer

Shea Hutchins, LCSW | Chief Solutions Officer

Angie Sumrall, MBA, CPA, CFE | Chief Financial Officer

Taheti Watson, CDE, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

CORE Values

Canopy’s core values are the defining principles that keep us on mission and provide clarity as we drive innovation for children and families in Mississippi and beyond.

  • The voice of our children and families always comes first.
  • Relationships matter and our differences make us stronger.
  • We take great joy in service to others.
  • Our families and communities deserve our very best.

Canopy employees joined together for the All-Staff Annual Retreat on October 5 and 6 at Garaywa Camp in Clinton, Mississippi. Over 300 employees gathered together to reveal the “Secret to Success” to further advance Canopy’s mission. Staff members engaged in organization-wide discussions, team exercises, wildly fun games and heard updates on the most recent strategic planning efforts. During the retreat, employees are also recognized for years of service and Canopy’s four core values. These value award recipients embody the values and strive each day to further Canopy’s mission both inside and outside of the workplace.

Young boy with dark skin smiling and doing double thumbs up for the camera.











African American






Transformational PARTNERS

Big impact requires significant partnerships, collaboration, feedback, innovation and commitment. That is what Canopy’s Transformational Partners are all about.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Faye Brownlee 

Cadence Bank

Ergon Foundation, Inc.

Galaxie Corporation

Lee Lampton Family Giving Foundation 

Morgan White Group

Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance 

Parker Lifeshare Foundation

Security National Life Insurance Company 

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

Southern Tire Mart, LLC

Trustmark Ware Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

Gulf Guaranty Life Insurance Company

Larry and Michael Johnson 

Johnson Oil and Gas, LLC

Larry and Michael Johnson Family Foundation 

Laurie H. McRee

Morgan White Group

Neighbor’s Keeper Advised Fund

Mary and Richard H. Puckett

Renasant Bank

Sunray Tanning LLC

$10,000 – $49,999

Drs. Kay and Bob Abney

AmFed Casualty Insurance Company


Bay Springs Telephone Company, Inc.

Beckham Custom Jewelry Co.

Patricia Bell

Lisa and Mike Bemis

Boolos + Oakes CPA Firm

C Spire

Century Club Charities, Inc.

The Chew Foundation

Dr. Melissa and Anthony Colangelo

Corey Dickerson Foundation

Sallie and Michael Dier

Carol and Ronnie Edmonds

Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

EWF Investments LLC

Miami Marlins Foundation Inc.

The Fountain Family Foundation


GranthamPoole PLLC

The H.F. McCarty, Jr. Family Foundation

Redman Foundation

Henry and Martha Hederman Charitable Foundation

Lynn and Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann

Junior League of Jackson

Helen and John Lewis

Dr. Shani Meck and Jackie Meck


Katherine and Rob Puckett

Raborn Media LLC

Regions Bank

Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc.

Cathey and David Russell

Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Anne and Parker Snow

Kristie and Dr. Steven Speights

St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital

United Way of West Central Mississippi

Van Devender Family Foundation

Vicksburg Forest Products, LLC

Vicksburg Medical Properties LLC

Cathey and David Russell

Susan and Buster Wellington

William H. Ellsworth Foundation

Partners in Growth
($5,000 – $9,999) 

Brick City Drugs

Elizabeth and Bill Brister

Gail and Eric Chancellor

Chili for Children

City of Vicksburg

Clark Beverage Group, Inc.

Dan C. Davis

Forman Watkins & Krutz Llp – Attorneys at Law

Frascogna Family Foundation

Galaxie Foundation

Gartman Insurance Agency

Lindsay and Jason Grinstead

International Paper Foundation

Heidi Kobylski

Peyton & Company, Pllc

Lisa and Joe Rooks

Simmons Erosion Control, Inc.

Tab Properties Llc

Melanie and Sam Taylor

Suzan and Tommy Thames, Jr.

W. E. Walker Foundation

Terri and Duff Wallace

Jeanine and Mickey Watkins

The Wesley a. Caldwell Foundation

Mary Alissa Willis

Yucatan Development Co. Llc

Partners in Progress
($2,500 – $4,999) 

Tammy and Mark Amis

Ginger and John Arledge

Atmos Energy Corporation

Baptist Health Foundation

Joan Barrow

Elise Becker

Lacey and Dr. Patrick Bergin

Bob Boyte Honda

Rachel and Danny Bolaños

Kim and Sean Brewer

Lisa and Pat Busby

Cindy and Kirk Caraway

Cole T. Hodges Do, Pllc

Bobby Coleman

Crowder Consulting, Llc

Patti and Barney Daly

Helaina and Dr. John D. Damon

Debbie and Dave Allison Giving Fund


Dr. Shirley and Alfrado Donelson

Lea and Cal Easley

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Kathy and Randy Eure

Tonya and Larry Favreau

First Commercial Bank

Joey and James Garner

Katie and Marcus Ginn

Regina Ginn

Graeber Foundation

Tracy and Dr. Raymond Grenfell

Kathryn and Lance Harden

Hawkins Methodist Church

Stacey and Dr. Terry Hight

Sandra and Matt Holleman

Leslie and Mark Hosemann

Shea and Jake Hutchins

Krewe of Salacia

Shiloh and Bowen Lancaster

Holly and Alan Lange

Ginger and Robert Leard

Carla and Richard Lewis

Olivia and Brad Maley

Treva and Elmer Mcinnis

Latoya C. Merritt

Miller Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.

Mississippi Forestry Commission

Helen and Red Moffat

Balinda and Reginald Moreland

Neel-schaffer Inc.

Heidi and Mark Noel

Anne and Robert Norris

Josh Owens

Dana Peterkin

Phelps Dunbar Llp

Drs. Jill and Paul W. Pierce

Maryann and Scott a. Price

Puckett Machinery Company

Allison and Derek Rooker

Morgan and Sean Schnur

Smiles on Broadway Dental Care Pa

Elizabeth Smith

Angie and Wayne Sumrall

Tarver Foundation

Tay Morgan Designs

Dorian E. Turner, Pllc

Lea and Jeff Turnipseed

Waterview Casino & Hotel

Watkins & Eager, Pll

Watkins Construction

Taheti and Eric Watson

Wba Architecture

Partners in Promise
($1,000 – $2,499) 

Kathy and Larry Accardi

Alliant Construction

America’s Charities

Wendy Bailey

Susan and Michael Barr

Drs. Becky and Chris Waterer

Lauren and Frank Benner

Mimi and Rick Bradley

Donna and Clark Bruce

Barbara and James Burton

Meredith and Graham Calvert

Katie and Jamie Chustz

Helen and John Lewis

Ali Comley

Community Foundation for Mississippi

Converge Technology Solutions

Anna and Michael Crawford

Crossway Church

Amey and Keith Crousillac

Luke Culpepper

Helen Dalehite

Thomas Davis

Dan Delaney

Alice and Greg Derrick

Sharron and Robert Derveloy

Saundra and Duane Dewey

Marshall Dickerson

Dottie and Dr. Joe Donaldson

Chuck Dorsett

Victoria and Robert Eldridge

Excel Sports Management

Dan Fain

Sherry and Ernest Felker

Sallie and Hunter Fordice

Fostoria Neighborhood Association Inc.

Lee G. Fuller

Sharon and Byron Galloway

Julie and Gerard Gibert

Caroline and Scott Gilbert

Neelam Goel

Dolly and Wesley Goings

Judith and Dan Grafton

Maria Groh

Bethany and Witt Haggard

Stuart Harding

Tori Harding

Harmony Housecalls & Medical Services, Llc

Monica and Ray Harrigill

Shannon Heep

Missy and Mack Heidelberg

Ryan Henderson

Dr. And Mrs. Gary Herring

Rochelle and Jason Hicks

Holcomb Aerial Service, Inc.

Charlene and John Honigfort

Betsy and Warren Hood

Jennifer and Greg Hopping

Joseph Hornyak

Courtney and Dr. Chad Hosemann

Olivia and Jerry Host

Elizabeth Ann and Dr. Tyler Howell

Vicki and Warren Husband

Brenda and Steve Ingram

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates of Ridgeland, Pllc

Terri and William Iupe

Whitney Jackson

Jackson Preparatory School


Kristi and Steve Jent

Rita and Larry Johnson

Beth and Jerry Keating

Jared Kobs

Michelle and Kevin Lewis

Lgp Reporting Services, Llc

Cynthia and Tim Mahaffey

Manisha and Vikram Malhotra

G.g. Martin

Mascagni & Company, Inc.

Jordan and John Mcgowan

Mcgriff Insurance Services

Mary and Dr. Greg Mcneely

Kelly and Nic Meeks

Amy and Eddie Melton

Donna and Brent Melton

Meridian Cycles

Meta Payments Inc.

Michael T. Mcree Charitable Fund

Scott Mowry

Alex Nicklas

Jenna Niedzweid

Nikki Paniagua

Becky and Guy Parker

Kerry and Dr. Paul Parker, Jr.

Phoebe and Robert Pearigen

Sarah and Jeffrey Perkins

Png Vicksburg, Llc

Amanda and Tyler Raborn

Michelle Rayner

Marianna and Dr. Keith Russell

Lori and Randy Sanders

Michael Schmidt

Rachael Schmidt

Charlotte and Calvin Seals

Angela Sides

Traci and Elton Sims

Bethany and Lucien Smith

Laura Smith

Tim Snooks

Suzanne and Ken Sones


Martha Strickland

Nancy and Dr. John Studdard

Karen and Andy Taggart

Target Corporation

Elizabeth Y. Taylor

Kaitlyn and Dr. Jason Vassar

W. A. Taylor Foundation

Rick Wagner

Harry and Deery Walker

Cheryl and Calvin L. Wells

Westlake Chemical

Kara and Malcom White

Mary Alice and Donald White

Brenda and Dr. Bryman Williams

Myra and Hansell York

Jim Young

Partners in Compassion
($500 – $999)

4 Corner Properties of Central Mississippi, Llc

A. S. H. Enterprises, Llc

Leigh and Lynn Allen

Lynn and Wayne Baney

Baptist Memorial Health Care

Jamie and Eli Beatty

Jacquelyn and William C. Beck

Lana and Guy L. Boyll

Will Brown

Amy and Lane Campbell

Dale and Graham Cook

Lee Copeland

Mr. And Mrs. J. Eustis Corrigan, Jr.

Dave Dennis

Mary and Bob Dunaway

Elks Lodge No. 95 Bpoe

Vivian and Henry Farris

Suzy and Ray Foral

Gretchen and Curtis Gentry

Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church

Gsgms Troop 5713

Haylie Hammett

Beth and Nick Hansen

Laura and Sykes Heard

Melinda and Steve Hendrix

William Hobdy Iii

Thomas Joyner

Maria Kapustina

Caroline Kemp

Kids First Education Scholarship Foundation

Jack Killgore

James Kovarik

Kroger Community Rewards

Palmer Lea

Life Church

Mr. And Mrs. Chester O. Martin

Sharon and Mark Mccreery

Tammy Miller

Lisa and Tommy Miskelly

Mississippi Futbol Club

Cynthia and Pete J. Montalbano

Nivas Narayanasamy

Kelly Nelson

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Hemant Pathak

Mason Phillips

Premier Entertainment Vicksburg

Presbyterian Women – First Presbyterian Church

Jaron Priest

R U Redi Properties, Llc

Corinne and Charles Sampson

Annie Shirey

June and Billy Sims

Sparks Law Firm, Pllc

Martha and Michael Summerford

Rachel Tharpe

United Methodist Women Fumc – Long Beach

United Way of Metropolitan Nashville

Vicksburg Housing Authority

Amy and Deford Walker

Christian Ware

Gay and Gary Watts

Olivia and David Webb

Eric White

Marjorie and Beau Whittington

Tom Williams

Chris Windfield

Sherribeth Wright

Mary and Wirt Yerger

Younger Foundation

Christine Zmuda

Partners in CHANGE
($250 – $499)

Satyn M. Adams

Arin C. Adkins

Dr. Horace and Sandra Baggett

Linda and Gene Barrett

Kristi Bennett

Mario Brandan

Sara Brooks

Dr. Charles and Karen Bush

Mary K. Christman

Coastal Family Health Center

Ellery and Turner Crews

Cathy Crockett

Esperanza and Eddie Delgado

Beth Anne and Corey Dickerson

Lorrie Driver

Stacia Dunson

East Group Properties

Kathryn Engel

Molly and Adam Griffin

Alana Harrigill

Tori Harrigill

Dr. Jody Herring

Mackenzie Hertel

Jennifer and Roger Holland

Tyra Johnson

Cassandra Jones

Michael Keegan

Linda and Auburn Lambeth

Alvin Lewis

Mozella Lewis

Tobias Lowe

Kristen and Jamie Mallinson

Rhonda Maloney

Mars Hill Church

Beth and Jay Mcnamee

Dave Miller

James T. Mitchell

Ting Myauo

Origin Bank

Edith L. Perry

Ann and Wiley R. Philley

Kristen and James Pittman

Madeline Potter

Judy and Kermit Shell

Judy and Jack Spradling

Ann Stokes

Nancy and Ben H. Stone

Bean and Floyd Sulser

Derrick Taite

Miriam Taylor

Bob Thiergartner

Stephen L. Thomas

Jocob Tindol

William Todd

Meredith and Joel Travelstead

Iiiya Udler

James Walker

Jordan and Tyler Walker

Belynda and Howard Waring

William Withers

Yolanda Wooten

Partners in CARE
($1 – $249)

Natalie Abernethy

Jean and Robert Abney

Shirley Abney

Janice and Ellard Adams

Mable Adams

Camille Agu

Sonya Alexander

Allein Bible Class – 1st Presbyterian Church

Cathy Allen

Dorothy Andrus

Stephanie Bailey

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz

Bank of Morton

Michael Barrett

Charlotte P. Bartunek

Beth Beach

Wendy and John Beard

Alon W. Bee

Mitchell Bellipanni

John Bennett

Ginger and Ernest S. Berney

Jay Bhalodia

Marilyn and Mark Blackburn

Blake Thompson & Mississippi

College Board of Trustees

Reneshia M. Blakney

Nicole Blocker

Curtis Boling

Crisler and Doug Boone

Frances Borromeo

Keith Bradford

David S. Bramlette

Toby Breland

Jeanne and James Brinson

Mr. And Mrs. Broadhead

Debbie and Todd Brooks

William Brown

Michelle Brown

Cory Burdette

Joann and Robert O. Burke

Rhonda and Greg Butler

Rachael M. Caldwell

Senator and Mrs. Chaney

Janet E. Chisolm

Mark Christian

Christian’s Community Center

Craig Clark

Janan Clark

Coast Electric Power Association

Mr. And Mrs. David Coker

Patsy Coleman

Tennille and Verron Collins

Colonial Pipeline Company

Tara Conroy

Felisia H. Cooper

Carol and Julian Crawford

Shannon C Crocker

Robert Croswell

Charley and Albert Crouther

Darby Damon

Marianne and David Coker

Julie Daniels

Melba a. Darton

Lakeisha Davis

Robin Davis

Wendy Delmolino

Department of Mental Health State of Mississippi

Javier Derossette

Victoria and Robert Derveloy

Audrey B. Dodd

Mark Dortch

Elizabeth and Robert Duda

Virgie Charles Dunagin

Rebecca Dupree

Donna and Brad Dye

Lydia Echols

Avery Edmonson

Ike Eicher

Joy Ellenburg

Ginny and Wyatt Emmerich

Traci S. Epps

Kayla and Perry Erickson

Kay and Fred Farrell

Mary Helen and Fred Ferguson

Ellen Ferrell

Joshua Figueroa

Elva Firstenberg

Ray Fisher

Rebecca Fitts

John C. Fletcher

Representative Jill Ford and Mr. Mike Ford

Dickens Fournet

Jane and Gary M. Fox

Ellenor Fraley

Claire and Greg Frascogna

Brian French

David Frontani

Mr. And Mrs. James Fulkerson

Miranda Furnace

Lauralee Gann

Josephine B. Garner

Carol Gary

Deontranese Gates

Paul Geiger

Piali Ghose

Latasha Gibson

Sandra Gibson

Richard Gilbert

Christine and Bobby Gill

Angie Goettel

Theresa Goldberg

Carrie Gonzalez

Eli Goss

Sarah Granade

Jaliesa Green-winston

Karen Gressett

Maureen and Glenn Griffin

Mr. And Mrs. Al Guynes

Eddie Hacskaylo

Terrell Hammett

Kaye Hardy

Troy Harry

Joan E. Hart

Kea Hart

Pat and Kenneth Hartley

Mary and James Harwell

Earl Hassler

Cathy and Joey Havens

Laveda R. Hawkins

Sharon Hayse

Sally Hederman

Marjorie M. Heltzel

Nakisha Henderson

John Hildebrand

Patricia Hildebrand

Erin Hill

John Hill

Brenda and Richard Hobbs

Mark Hodge

Melissa and Tony Holland

Brandon Hollonbeck

Brooke Holloway

Patricia Horne

Joe Hornyak

Katherine and William Hossley

James J. Hoth

Robert Howarth

Hunter Hrab

Mariya Hristova

Michelle Hudson

Janice and Hubert Hunter

Michael Hylton

Lakeysha and Ronnie Isaac

Jackson Legal Professional Associates

John R. Jackson

Justin Jernigan

Brian Johnston

Dinnie K. Johnston

Jeannine Johnston

Bryan Jones

Claudette B. Jones

Mr. And Mrs. Gary Jones

Neshunta Jones

Pamela E. Jones

Sharon Jones

Taylor and Dana M. Jones

Kim and Quinn Jordan

Mark Kalenak

Kanwaldeep Kaur

Amanda Kelly

Mary and Ted H. Kendall

Christine Kerns

Iqbal Khan

Debra Kinser

Amanda a. Kirk

Linda and Wallace Kirk

James Kirkpatrick

Sara E. Kline

Stanley B. Kline

Abbie and Caleb Koonce

Connie and Tom Kossen

Ronny Landrum

Betsy Li

Charyl and Michael Lloyd

Marian Love

Teresa V. Love

Allison and Aaron Lowther

Magnolia State Bank

Alex Maiorini

Sheryl-bess Mangrum

Cynthia Mar

Richard Marcus

Kim Martin

Cynthia and Stephen Matson

Cindy and Ricky May

Shirlonda Mays

Michael Mcanally

Leanna Mcbride

Ruth Mccary

Mary Mccraine

Jenny Mccraw

Nicole Mccree

Mike Mcelhenny

Kawana Mcgowan

Jean and Roger Mckay

Arthur L. Mclaughlin

Susan and Alvin Mclendon

Alesha M. Mcquarters

William Meares

Emired Melean

Christopher Merck

Michael Bonner Law Firm

June Milam

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

Dalvia Mitchell

Mary Sue and Don Mitchell

Janet and Jim Moffat

Jenny and Lem Montgomery

Brenda and David Moore

Christi Moore

Joan C. Moore

Stephanie Moore

Elaine and Marion Morgan

James Morris

Beth Morrow

Mpb Foundation

Bryan Mulholland

Kathryn Murphey

Melissa and Robert Murphree

Eva Nahid

Elizabeth Napoli

Network for Good

Shannon and George Neville

Kashay Newton

Robert Nonnenkamp

Kelly and Mark Nusbaum

Meghan O’brien

Teresa O’connor

Britton Owen

Claire Owen

Maria Pacheco

Parker Real Estate Properties Llc

Manisha and Mitesh Patel

Allison Peeples

Jayden Perreault

Petko Petkov

Connie Phillips

Katrina Phillips

Lynne Pickett

Lacy Pigford

Pinelake Church

Pinnacle Trust Company, Llc

Kayla Pippins

Emily Pirkle

Sherry Pitts

Mark Polla

Porters Chapel Umc

Kwanza Price

Grayson Quinn

Bill and Sara Ray

Redwood Methodist Church

Summer Rehers

Kristen Reiber

Stephanie and Will Remore

Martha J. Rogers

Shimika Scott

Gloria and Alan Senter

Amy Smith

Leah Smith

Lorin Smith

Renata Smith

Shelia and J. S. Smith

Mark Soltys

Southern Glitz, Llc.

The Honorable and Mrs. Daniel Sparks

Lori Spotswood

Liz and Arthur Spratlin

Brandi Starbuck

Cheryl and Louis Steneus

Traci N. Stewart

Sandra Stonecypher

Rachel Stuart

Amber and Mike Sukhbaatar

Kristin Summers

Allison Swaim

The Key Consultants, Keller Williams Realty

Monica Thomas-hurst

Victor Towe

Ellen and Marcus Treadway

Trustmark Tailored Wealth

Patsy and Dick Turner

Jeffery Turner

Jennifer Tyner

Dr. And Mrs. Aubrey Underwood

United Health Care

United Way for Jackson and George Counties, Ms

United Way of Greater Cleveland

Judy and Charles Varner

Susan and David Vaughn

Kimberly Vu

Deanie Walker

Johnny Warnock

Caleb Warren

Meri Scott and Hank Waterer

Alyson Watkins

Kenneth Watson

Mark L. Webb

Susan M. Wells Yerger Wells Yerger

Charles and Sandra West


Margaret and John F. White

Corkey Wicks

Anne and Hoot Wilder

Chase Williams

Deborah a. Williams

Jenny Williams

Jessica Williams

Joe R. Williams

Kym and Clay Williams

Magan Williams

Michelle and John Williamson

Daniel and Meagan Wilson

Alfred Windham

Patricia and Kenneth Windham

Erin Wolf

Scott Woods

Jane L. Woosley

Daniel Wright

Sabreniee Wright

Kati and Cade Yates

Felicia Young

Robin Young

Individuals and Organizations

Karen Adams

Robin Adams

Neha Adari

Kathy Allen

Kharynton Allen

Latteesa Anderson

Brianna Ardd

Kadmiel Avraham

Dawn Baker

Joshua Barker

Karria Barker

Raven Barnett

Tayvion Beasley

Hannah Bennett

Melanie Berry

Raven Bivens

Brandayshia Blevins

Jaylan Blount

Lauren Boler

Paul Bowers

Nakaelah Boyd

Debby Boyd

Allen Boyd

Elisha Brown

Alexia Brown

Artracia Brown

Pernetta Brown

Jalen Brown

Abby Bui

Thais Burrows

Jhade Burton

Bailee Busby

Chalerria Casnel

Kristopher Cassel

Kierstin Clark

Aleshay Clay

Natalie Clayton

Martez Cobb

Carol Coleman

Brandon Conerly

Abigail Conerly

Marigaye Cooper

Nicole Crocker

Caroline Crumpton

Lynne Currie

Allison Currie

Dale Currie

Justin Davis

Aleysha Davis

Cralicia Dean

Madison Delancey

Chris Downey

Dasia Dyson

Jasmine Earby

Mary Edney

Ariel Enoch

Emily Epps

Amaya Epps

Dazsha Ester

Hope Evans

Shakira Goodloe

Jordan Greenwood

Catherine Hadaway

Boston Hampton

Hillary Hardin

Shaniya Harding

Marcus Harris

Rebecca Harris

Kennedy Harrison

David Harwell

Seki Hassan

Robert Hawthorn

Rameria Hayes

Kayley Hayes

Tracie Herring

Jasmine Hill

Kristan Hill

Laurie Holloway

Dawn Hovas

Avery Hovas

Todd Hovas

Raven Howard

Latanya Howard

Haden Hugh

Shraena Ingram

Keona Isaac

Jenny Jabour

Jeanette Jabour

Jade Jackson

Jack Jamison

Demari Jetter

Kelsi Johnson

Jenesse Johnson

Amber Jones

Junior League of Jackson

Reilly Kate

Melissa Keen

James Kendrick

Autumn Kessee

Nizjanae King

Annette Kirklin

Larry Kittrell

Natalie Kneipp

Holly Kuzmitski

Josiah Laban

Stephanie Lacy

Emily Ladnier

Daisha Lewis

Christal Lewis

Carolyn Love

Kameelah Love-kingsby

Arulan Luckie

Tom Maise

Alexandria Marzette

Jim Maulding

Jonlyn May

Blair Mcbride

Margaret Mcknight

Billy Merritte

Erin Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell

Chris Moore

Leigh Moore

Kiera Morris

Sandra Murray

James Murray

Joy Nail

James Nelson

Gwendolyn Nelson

Jake Nichols

Laura Nichols

Kiara Norton

Emily Oliver

Rita Parker

Nisha Patel

Shinita Payton

Erin Pettway

D’avia Peyton

Shelby Purvis

Sheree Reed

Emily Richardson

Johnna Riddick

Stephen Riddick

Angela Roberts

Jy’kerrius Robertson

Jada Robinson

Sara Robinson

Michael Rushing

Ebony Sanford

Jane Saxon

Nicole Schuler

John Schuler

Meagan Secrest

Andrew Sikes

Taylor Simone

Jordan Smith

Sarah Soverns

Susie Speetjens

Carol Spencer

Kayla Stiff

Kay Stodghill

Naomi Strozer

Heather Summers

Nya Sutton

Selena Swartzfager

Nebiyou Tadesse

Carolina Teague

Jessica Thompson

Lana Thompson

Nancy Thompson

Valera Thornell

Morgan Tidwell

Anthony Tony

Deven Ward

Desmond Washington

Vicky Watts

Phillip Westerfield

Cynthia Whaley

Matt Wilson

Emma Wimberly

Alon Wood

Campbell Wyatt


Austin Brown

Beth anne dickerson

Connor Gee

Gerard Gibert

Katie Ginn

Amanda Green

Molly Griffin

Sarah Heck

Thomas Joyner

Caroline Kemp

Carla Lewis

Collin Mascagni 

Kacey Matthews

Kelly Meeks

Tyler Raborn

Amber Sukhbaatar

Kaitlyn Vassar

Tyler Walker

Terri Wallace

Hank Waterer

Camille Young

Canopy is committed to meaningful outcomes for children and families. It is a privilege be able to connect partners who share our belief in demonstrable outcomes to this mission so together we can make a transformational impact for those who need us most.

– Heidi Noel, Senior Director of Advancement

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