What is a Care Coordinator?

When your child needs mental or behavioral health care, finding help can be overwhelming. You need someone to learn about your child or family’s challenges, and point you in the right direction.

Care Coordinators are advocates for children and their families. They are trained to guide them through the admissions process. Theses professionals are deeply knowledgeable about what solutions are available at Canopy. They build close relationships with families and caregivers, supporting them as they move through initial admissions, assessments and apppointments.

Canopy Care Coordinators are here to help guide you through the initial admissions and assessment process to help you find the right solutions to meet your child’s needs.

Your Care Coordinator manages your child’s progress in treatment and helps coordinate service needs with the clinical team through targeted case management services. Care Coordinators help families connect to resources to meet social, educational, and behavioral needs. The Care Coordinator works collaboratively with the Admissions team and clinical staff to create a supportive environment to address your needs through referral, education, and skills development.