The Importance of Play

From the infectious fun of side-splitting laughter to the exuberance of an impromptu pillow fight, infusing a spirit of joy and playfulness into your home nurtures your family like little else. Playing together is an almost magical way to build connection.

Creating a Fear Box at Home

It is important to promote positive physical and mental health at home. The way a child and an adult react to stress, sadness, frustration and anxiety will often look very different. Rather than seeming overly sad or nervous, the effects of anxiety and depression in your child can be exhibited through physical symptoms, such as stomach aches and headaches. A child may also be uncharacteristically clingy, tearful, moody or aggressive, especially in young children who have not established coping skills. One activity you can do together if you notice a change in your child’s behavior or demeanor is to create a Fear Box.


  • Shoe Box
  • Paper (wrapping, construction, etc.)
  • Decorating supplies (markers, stickers, glitter, etc.)
  • Tape or Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Printer Paper

Find an old shoe box and decorate it with items you have at home. You can wrap it in wrapping paper or construction paper, and cover it with your favorite stickers, drawings and more. With help from an adult, cut a hole in the top of the box big enough to drop a paper into. Next, cut out some smaller pieces of printer paper or construction paper. On the small piece of paper, write or draw a fear or worry you have. Now, share what you did with an adult if you feel comfortable. After sharing, put your fear into the Fear Box. If the fear pops up again, you can feel safe knowing that it’s already in the Fear Box.

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