Outpatient Solutions for Behavioral Health

The importance of the mental health of Mississippi’s children cannot be overstated. 1 in 5 children suffer from a behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder – approximately 131,000 Mississippi children. More than 50% of students with a mental disorder drop out of high school. Adverse childhood experiences increase the risk of adult medical, mental, and social problems. Behavioral healthcare options can be difficult to access for families throughout Mississippi.

The Canopy Behavioral Health Clinic serves children and youth up to age 21. Our outpatient solutions help children and families manage symptoms associated with behavioral and mental health. Our therapists provide treatment for a wide variety of childhood behavioral problems including attention-deficit and disruptive behavior disorders, learning and communication disorders, and anxiety and mood disorders.

Available Behavioral Health Outpatient Solutions (including but not limited to):

  • Individual, family, group and school-based therapies
  • Intake assessments and pre-screening evaluations
  • Crisis prevention, interventions and assessments, and a 24/7 emergency on-call service
  • School Day Treatment
  • Psychiatric, medication, and psychological evaluations
  • Alcohol and drug prevention and intervention
  • Community support services, nursing services, pharmacy services and case management
  • Services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Consultation, mental health education, treatment planning, and intervention

Do you have a child who needs help with behavioral and mental issues on an outpatient basis? Contact us.