Solutions for Children Experiencing Abuse, Homelessness, and Separation

Canopy provides solutions for Mississippi children and families experiencing crisis. These emergencies may include a child removed by Child Protection Services, a teenager experiencing homelessness, or a child traumatized by physical abuse.

Child Abuse

When children experience or witness extreme abuse, the South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center steps in to provide all of the services they need under one roof. Children then receive a team of advocates including law enforcement, child protection services, medical professionals, mental health professionals, victim advocates, and legal prosecutors. This multidisciplinary team works together to protect and support the child while effectively prosecuting the abuser. As a result, the secondary trauma of re-telling their story of abuse is minimized, and perpetrators are more successfully prosecuted.

Do you know a child experiencing abuse who needs help? Learn more about the South Mississippi Child Advocacy Center.

Emergency Shelter

Canopy Children’s Solutions operates an emergency shelter for children in Vicksburg. This shelter provide refuge for abused, neglected, runaway, and homeless youth. Located in Vicksburg, the shelter assess each child’s situation and determine next steps. While they are in our care, they attend school and receive medical, dental, and vision care as well as therapy.

Learn more about the Warren County Children’s Shelter (Vicksburg)

Keeping Families Together

Because children experience an enormous amount of trauma when they are removed from their home, Canopy created the In-CIRCLE Program. The program provides ongoing therapy and case management to help families come back together and stay together.

Learn more about Canopy’s Family Reunification and Preservation 

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