Individual Assessments

Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy) has the capabilities to offer individual autism assessments for ASD on a very limited basis. Due to time limitations on qualified professionals, children who are accepted in the Canopy Early Intervention Autism Program must be referred following an individual assessment by an outside clinician. This program is open to children ages 18 months to 8 years old.

Clients accepted in the Early Intervention Autism program, undergo an initial evaluation in order to establish an individualized tiered service plan (ITSP). This plan provides a tailored ABA therapy plan which focuses on specific behaviors and outcomes personalized to the individual needs of the child in addition to parent training. Clients progress through three levels of service throughout the program which include clinic-based and community-based services. In the community-based therapies, parents participate alongside their child. Formal evaluations occur every six months to determine if the child is able to progress to the next tier. The Early Intervention Autism Program requires a minimum of 18 months to complete.

We offer school-based services for older children with ASD. Specialized Autism classrooms located at the CARES Center Day Schools in Jackson and Hattiesburg offer students without ASD school resources an alternative educational setting. These classrooms specifically tailor to the needs of children with ASD who experience difficulty learning and thriving academically in a traditional school setting. The use of digital tools such as tablets allow the students to communicate effectively and provide visual reinforcement to the materials taught in the classroom.

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