Mark McNeil, LMSW

Program Director, Warren County Children’s Shelter

Mark McNeil serves as the program director for Canopy’s Warren County Children’s Shelter (WCCS) in Vicksburg. Prior to becoming program director, Mark was a therapist at WCCS helping to address the emotional and psychological needs of youth, many of whom experienced extreme abuse and neglect.

In his role, Mark ensures the shelter maintains compliance standards as both a diagnostic and evaluation shelter for the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services (MDCPS) and an emergency assistance shelter for runaway and homeless youth. He works extensively with the local youth courts who refer children in unsafe or unsanitary situations to WCCS for refuge and assistance. Mark serves as a community liaison educating the community about WCCS and working with local individuals, community leaders and organizations on fundraising and volunteer initiatives including the annual Penny Harvest and Chili for Children Cook-Off. He also oversees the day-to-day operations working with staff to care for the individual needs of the children.

Mark worked as a researcher at the University of Southern California and had spent many years in academia prior to joining the team at Canopy. Midway through his career he decided to go back to school to obtain his credentials as a Licensed Master Social Worker specializing in trauma and military/military families from the University of Southern California. He joined Canopy and the WCCS team shortly after graduation in 2017.

Mark returned to his Mississippi roots and now resides with his rescue feline Loki and licensed therapy dog Archer. Archer makes frequent trips to WCCS with Mark to play with the residents and help them to feel loved and safe. Away from work, mark addresses his self-care through gardening. In the spring and summer, he can be found elbow-deep in flowers beds and enjoys bringing that passion to WCCS by working alongside the kids to plant seasonal flowers around the shelter.