Canopy Children’s Solutions Offers Multiple Types of Adoption

Canopy provides multiple placement options for birth parents and adoptive families. We offer families support throughout the adoption process, whether you work directly through Canopy or across agencies.

Agency Adoption

Agency Adoption is our most traditional option. Canopy connects birth parents with adoptive families and creates an individualized adoption plan. Placements are dependent upon the number of available birth mothers and the number of approved families waiting for a child.

Special Needs Adoption

We understand the unique challenges of families seeking to provide a loving home for children with special needs. Canopy works collaboratively with families who adopt children with emotional and/or behavioral issues, medical and physical disabilities, sibling groups, and children ages six and older. Furthermore, Canopy provides families with specialized training and support services to meet the individual needs of each child and family.

Networking Adoption

Networking Adoption combines the best facets from both agency adoptions and private adoptions. As a result, this option likely results in more timely placements and can be directed by the adoptive family. Our adoption staff assists each family in its search for a birth mother. A child is typically placed between 12 months and 2 years from the date of home study approval.

Are you a birth parent or adoptive family looking to learn more about our program? Please call 1-800-388-6247.