Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (March 26)

While the COVID-19 epidemic remains dynamic, Canopy Children’s Solutions’ (Canopy) commitment to our mission has never been more resolute.  We are keenly mindful that many of our children and families have strong trauma backgrounds and their anxieties are only exacerbated by the pandemic.  Now more than ever, we stand by our mission to deliver transformative solutions to help our kids and families move through and beyond this crisis.

Canopy has moved quickly over the last several weeks to protect staff, children, and families while we live out our mission of service.  As we thoughtfully consider how to navigate the uncharted waters, please know we remain committed to the children and families we serve and the amazing heroes serving them.  These times call for flexibility in our approach and we are in a constant state of monitoring, proactive planning and responding to our ever-changing environment.

Canopy is continuing to offer services to children and families through many of our solutions.  We want to work alongside our community partners so that our most vulnerable are taken care of during this time.   Trauma does not take a break during a public health crisis.  In fact, we anticipate that our solutions will be in higher demand.

We are following best practice guidelines and screening all face to face clients by asking the following:

  • Have you or anyone in your home had a fever in the last 24 hours?
  • Have you had a cough?
  • Have you had shortness of breath?
  • Have you had contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or contact with someone who was in contact with someone who had COVID-19?

Our in-home solutions, Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC), Therapeutic Foster Care, and in-CIRCLE, are currently seeing clients and families as scheduled.  Admissions are still occurring and referrals are being accepted.

Children and guardians are screened using the questions above before any admission can take place. If they answer “yes” to one of these questions or refuses services for fear of contact with staff:

  • Staff will assess technology of the family
  • Staff will set up a telehealth appointment with the family
  • If they do not have the capability of video then the sessions will be done via phone.

CARES Center
At our CARES Center, family sessions have been moved to video conferencing only.  In addition to the screening questions, all staff are doing daily screening and temperature monitoring prior to entering the facility.  All visits have been stopped until further notice as part of the recommendation of the CDC, Department of Health and Executive Order issued by Governor Reeves.

Admissions are still occurring and referrals are being accepted. Children and guardians are screened by the questions above before any admission can take place.  Only one parent may accompany the child to the intake admission.

CARES Schools
Our CARES Schools in Hattiesburg and Jackson will remain closed at least through April 17 per Governor Reeves’ recommendation.  Schools are providing distance learning to our CARES School (Day School) students beginning March 30, 2020, via virtual learning or assignments mailed to the home.  This is tailored to the student’s needs and parents’ preference.  Our teachers will be available during school hours to assist via teleconferencing or by phone.  Our therapists will be providing therapy via telehealth for all of our Day School students.

During this time of crisis, many families will need assistance with accessing statewide resources. LINK is uniquely equipped to connect statewide resources with parents, children, and families who are in need. LINK is being provided via telehealth and telephone at this time. Currently, LINK is accepting admissions through our website and our Care Coordinators (800.388.6247). Services are currently being provided in Greenville, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Meridian, and Olive Branch.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics
Canopy’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics medicine management component via our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners is implemented via telehealth and/or phone. Our therapists are providing therapy through telehealth and/or telephone. Our clinics are located in Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Gulfport.

Autism Solutions
Our Early Intervention Autism Clinics in Hattiesburg and Jackson have closed their physical locations and are transitioning existing clients to telehealth appointments.  We will be offering opportunities around parent and provider training.

Warren County Children’s Shelter
We continue to admit and care for children as we normally have. We are providing appointments via telehealth whenever possible. Visitation is limited to CPS workers only who meet the screening qualification outlined above.  In addition to the screening questions, all staff are doing daily screening and temperature monitoring prior to entering the facility.

Because this situation continues to change rapidly, Shea Hutchins, Chief Solutions Officer, is meeting twice a day with the COVID-19 Task Force.  Canopy’s Senior Leadership Team is also meeting twice daily to respond rapidly to recommendations from CDC, MSDH, and The Joint Commission.  We remain in constant contact with national, state and local leaders to lean into the wisdom and implement strategic measures from others.

Should you or a family have questions, please contact a Canopy Care Coordinator at 800.388.6247.  We continue to update our website ( with resources for families, please feel free to share.  Click here to find a listing of all our solutions.

We hope you stay safe and healthy!