A Home Environment for Temporary Care

With over 5,000 children in the child welfare system in Mississippi, there is a desperate need for families to open their hearts to provide safe, nurturing homes. Given the trauma associated entering custody, some youth need intensive therapeutic services and families uniquely equipped to meet their emotional and behavioral needs.

Rooted in the belief that a home and family-based environment is in the best interest of every child, Canopy offers Therapeutic Foster Care to children in the Mississippi Department of Human Services system.

The goal of the program are to provide a therapeutic environment for children and prepare them to move into a permanent placement. Kids who would otherwise be placed in group facilities are placed with specially-trained families who are able to offer the care they need.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) provides a structured, homelike environment to children in state custody. Foster parents are specially trained to care for children with emotional or behavioral issues in their safe, secure homes.

Every child in TFC has access to a child psychiatrist as well as weekly therapy sessions with a licensed Canopy therapist. Canopy is able to provide in-home delivery of therapeutic services as well as crisis intervention. Each family receives an individualized, strengths-based, family-focused, and culturally sensitive treatment plan.

Canopy recruits and trains families specifically for this program. We perform strict background checks and spend time preparing the family for potential situations they may face. The families who volunteer to provide their homes for TFC are passionate about helping children, and they are highly motivated to see their children succeed.

We strive to minimize institutional care while providing a pathway for adoption, reunification with their families, or independent living if they are of age.

Therapeutic Foster Care Eligibility

For children to be placed in a Therapeutic Foster Home, they must be in MDHS custody and be referred to Canopy by MDHS.

  • Child is in custody of the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS)
  • Child is between ages 2 – 20 and has been diagnosed with a Serious Emotional Disorder
  • Child is between ages birth – 20 and is considered medically fragile
  • Child is between ages birth – 20 and has a sibling who qualifies for TFC.

Foster Parent Eligibility

Highly-motivated couples and individuals who demonstrate sufficient skills, competencies, commitment, and energy to work with SED children and adolescents are recruited to serve as foster families Therapeutic Resource Homes.

TFC resource parents are thoroughly screened including: background checks, fingerprinting, and sexual offender registry checks. Each home is visited by TFC staff to ensure the home is a safe environment. TFC families must be willing to receive education and specialized training to provide quality care for children placed in their homes.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Canopy walks potential foster parents through the process of becoming a licensed Therapeuticesource home. Canopy provides everything they’ll need, including a program orientation, initial and ongoing training, regular in-person support, 24-hour emergency on-call support, and other tools.

Canopy maintains frequent, consistent contact with foster families. Therapists meet with children once a week and with foster families twice a month. TFC specialists make in-home visits once a month and provide monthly foster parent support group and training opportunities.

Successful foster parents are open-minded, dependable, patient, and willing to learn new parenting styles for children with different needs. Having a flexible schedule, being tolerant of change, and adopting a collaborative outlook are all important qualities.