Madeline Potter is a Behavior Analyst II for Canopy Children’s Solutions’ Early Intervention Autism Clinic in Hattiesburg. As a behavior analyst, she leads individual ABA therapy sessions working with young elementary-aged children with autism on various communication, motor, and developmental tasks. She also leads parent training sessions that focuses on skill building for parents. During these sessions, Madeline focuses on basic parenting strategies in the context of basic behavior principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and works with parents to identify obstacles and set therapeutic goals for their children, such as better communication, expanded play interests, and self-help skills.

Madeline joined the Autism Solutions team at Canopy in August 2017. She was part of an intern cohort through the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) that partnered with Canopy’s CARES School and early intervention clinic to gain hands-on experience with child and parent assessments, therapy modules, best practices, and supervision. She became full-time with Canopy Autism Solutions in August 2018.

During her time as an undergraduate in Psychology at USM, Madeline was first introduced to the experience of working with kids on the autism spectrum. She had the opportunity to work in the university clinic and visit area schools working with children on the spectrum. This led her to pursue a master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Madeline obtained her credentials as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in February of 2018 and her Mississippi state licensure in November that same year.

Madeline has served as a contributing author for several presentations for industry training conferences such as the Applied Behavior Analysts International (ABAI) conference. In May 2019, she was a co-presenter at ABAI in Chicago regarding the Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK) curricula and assessment models.

Madeline currently serves on the Executive Council as the Region 3 representative for the Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi (BAAMS). She is a native of Flora, MS and currently resides in Hattiesburg. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, kayaking, and watching Netflix as well as making time to visit and enjoy the company of her family.

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Professional Publications

Moore, J.W., Rizer, H., Warren, L.S., Yeager, M.G., Brewer, R.R., Barker, L.K., Newborne, B., Russo, K., & Potter, M. (2019). An initial evaluation of an assessment method for the PEAK Relational System Direct Training module. Behavior Analysis in Practice: