Parenting Pointers with Canopy’s CEO Dr. John Damon

John Damon, Ph.D., Canopy Children’s Solutions CEO provides expert advice during a recent interview with Parent and Kids magazine.

Specific advice can be found at the below minute marks:

  • What are ways parents can help their child normalize their mental health challenges? 1:02
  • I know that there is a lot of science tied to exercise and good mental health. Can you please explain to our audience how these are connected? 1:06
  • Do you think pressure to excel will transfer into anxiety? 22:08
  • Can young children develop anxiety from witnessing something like their grandparents’ divorce? 25:06
  • Can excessive screen time affect a child’s mental health (behavioral problems, anxiety, depression)? 27:52
  • Do you recommend all children of divorce receive counseling, even if the split was amicable and kids seem well adjusted? 36:48
  • What are some unique challenges that our youth are facing today? 40:24
  • Is it normal for children to experience stress, anxiety or depression? 43:02
  • What are the signs that a child may be struggling with anxiety or depression? 46:42
  • What should you do if you notice these signs in your child? 49:57
  • Do mental health challenges present themselves differently, depending on a child’s age? 52:39
  • How do you know when a child needs professional help? 56:36

Parenting Questions answered by Canopy experts

Mental Health Minutes

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